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PhantomLove 09-21-2009 09:58 PM

The highest I've ever jumped! [Probably about 3'9"]
Ok, so I haven't really been on much and I'm pretty new. BUt I really wanted to share this picture with you guys! This weekend, my trainer and I brought her horse, Phoenix out to local barn. [Our barn doesn't have jumps] And we jumped her. Omg, my trainer set up a 3'6" maybe 3'9" oxer just to see if I could jump it. Ok, she's not really my trainer, more of a friend XD. Cus I doubt any responsibe trainer would set up a huge oxer when I've been jumping like 2'3" at the most XD. Hahah. Anyway, I jumped it, and it was amazing! It was so hard though, Phoenix jumps so powerfully, she jumped me out of the saddle! Hahah, I stayed on, and it was the funnest thing I've ever jumped. Haha, but yeah I know my position sucks. It was my first time :]

Anyway, to make this a bit more interesting, tell me about the highest you've ever jumped and if you have a story about it :]
She's such an amazing horse. She's jumping like 2 feet above it XD

M2twisted 09-21-2009 10:07 PM

WEE, looks like fun! i miss jumping

PhantomLove 09-21-2009 10:08 PM


Originally Posted by M2twisted (Post 408831)
WEE, looks like fun! i miss jumping

Oh it was :] Why don't you jump anymore? It's so great!

Jillyann 09-21-2009 10:17 PM

I think the highest I ever jumped (when I did jump) was about 2'6-3. I rode a 17.2h Hanoverian, Gordy, and a 16.2h TB, Elvis. Both of them had by far the longest strides I have ever felt. They both over jumped a ground pole by 2 feet. So I pretty much jumped higher then 3'. haha

Here is Elvis and I..

And I dont have a picture of Gordy. =(

Amba1027 09-21-2009 10:22 PM

The highest I've ever jumped was 5'. I really wasn't ready for it and I'm sure my position was horrible. The guys I was taking lessons with at the time like to jump high and apparently liked to have other people jump high. So about half way into the lesson they would set up a jump and have us start going over it. They'd keep raising it higher and higher. If you didn't want to jump it you didn't have to but I was young and would jump anything I was pointed at so I did it.

Equuestriaan 09-22-2009 07:26 AM

Wow, she looks like she thinks she's jumping 4'6'', not 3'9''!

PhantomLove 09-22-2009 05:51 PM


Originally Posted by Equuestriaan (Post 409062)
Wow, she looks like she thinks she's jumping 4'6'', not 3'9''!

Wow, five feet is huge :] && Elvis is gorgeous!
And yeah I know right! Phoenix is amazing. She overjumps everything. XD I wonder how high she could get. She was actually a rescue. When we got her she was bones, and couldn't hold her canter[she's switch between her leads]. She has come such a long way!

kchfuller 09-22-2009 06:08 PM

I miss having a horse that jumps- I have my TB that I am training so hopefully soon she will be jumping :)

Sunny06 09-22-2009 06:10 PM

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2'9. On this pony. Yes, PONY. Too big for him now :(

Attachment 13127

Void 09-22-2009 10:48 PM

I jumped my horse over a 4' hogsback once, but that was it, he can do a couple fences at 4' but then he tuckers out so we stick to 3'-3'6" in comp

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