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dynamite. 09-22-2009 02:16 PM

Best bit for teaching neck reining?
I'm currently using a pinchless loose ring (english bit, I know, but its all I have around) and trying to teach my mare to neck rein. I was wondering if there was a better bit for teaching neck reining or if the one I am using will do? Also, would using thicker reins make a difference at all?

smrobs 09-22-2009 05:48 PM

I would just use what you have got handy. Yes a loose ring will work very well for teaching neck reining. I usually use 3/4 inch wide leather split reins on mine but almost any kind will work. :D

wild_spot 09-22-2009 07:49 PM

Any bit, any reins.

All my horse neck rein in a snaffle and whatever reins they have on at the time, cotton, leather, webbing, split, joined... It all works.

BackInTheSaddleAgain 09-22-2009 07:56 PM

I used a d-ring snaffle and split reins. No reason, really... that's just what I rode him in.

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