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close2prfct 09-23-2009 07:57 PM

Our new babies
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Today while out running errands I stopped by the animal rescue I used to volunteer at to visit with everyone and check out the new babies. So while me and my youngest daughter were playing with some puppies I happen to notice a cage sitting on a counter top with a hammock in it..hmmm
This mind you is a dog only rescue so I am curious as to why they would have a cage set up for ferrets well..I looked in and seen 2 sleeping ferrets all curled up together.. My daughter mind you has been wanting one for the longest time so I asked the shelter director what the adoption fee was.. Needless to say we now own 2 adorable ferrets lol.
The smaller one had at one time had his hind left leg broken, he drags it but is other wise ok. Both have been de-scented, neutered, vaccinated, vet checked and healthy.
So here are the boys..the white one was already adopted prior to us adopting the other two..

Icrazyaboutu 09-23-2009 10:23 PM

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The further back one looks like my ferret bear. Here I'll post pics of both of mine. The white one is whitee and the brown one is bear. They came with names =).

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