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Saskia 09-24-2009 01:05 PM

The Hell of Studying
Its 5am and I just finished an essay due today.

I am going to drop Anthropology asap. Got to make it through with a pass though. University is easy and hard all at once.

I love being a student but I hate the studying part :D

Anyone else out there being caught up in the end of semester rush? Its starting...

Anyway I am going to sleep, wake up, library, proof read, print, hand in then start next assignment. Sociology. Its an ick essay with book worth of reading but my strongest subject. Goodbye weekend.

Good luck to you all.

hollybee 09-24-2009 01:09 PM

yes, i've got about 5 assignments to do which i didn't do last year as i was going to leave college !!

assignments are such a drag !! =[

i've been working on a rediculous stable building assignment for the past week !! GRRR !

TaMMa89 09-24-2009 04:52 PM

I studied history of Finnish social policy 8hrs today. And think I'll study it next 8hrs tomorrow.

The 5 page literature review based on that book will due 5th in the next month. The shorter essay (1-2 pages) about parenting will due 1st in the next month and soon after that (8th in the next month) I have to give my list about 'attributes of a good citizen'. Then give the body of an interview (I think I have to study a bit about interviews before making the body) before 9th in the next month. Then do the interview and write a combined report about the interview/the literature review before November 3rd. Explore one significant philosopher and his parenting views before 15th in the next month. The essay (2-3 pages) titled 'What kind of learner am I?' will due in 16th in the next month and 'My learning theories' (5 to 7 pages, partly based on literature) in Nov 13th.

Now I only hope they won't give us a lot of works to do in Finnish or English because I think that's enough :wink:. And this all is just one course in open university of applied sciences, not in a real uni of a.s

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