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JustWingIt 02-19-2014 11:42 PM

Can we talk jackets?
Hey all! So up here in New England there is not much of a sign of spring yet at the end of this wicked winter, but we keep being told its around the corner! This summer will be my second season of eventing and my trainer and I are planning to go to more recognized events, and more prestigious venues! So today I went shopping for show clothes for this upcoming season, and since we are going to better events, I definitely want to look the part. Especially since, personally, I am too da* n self conscious so its easier for me to focus on my performance if I 'blend in' a little bit, you know? This season I also have separate dressage and jumping saddles so that factions into the whole show jacket thing.

So, for all you seasoned eventers out there, do you have separate dressage/stadium jackets?

If you have one jacket, does it have 4 or 3 buttons?

Also, what is the policy for eventing dressage...4 or 3 buttons?

For eventing, is it ok to look a little less 'traditional'?

Are the new 'technical fabric' jackets popular or frowned upon?

A very nice lady at my local Dover, who had actually showed at some of the places I'm going to when she was younger, helped me out. I ended up getting the only jacket that fit me REALLY well (I'm short and curvy, but with broad shoulders, show jackets are always hard to find). Its a Grand Prix, its one of the 'softshell', it has four silver buttons, but it is short enough for me to jump in. Its also stretchy so it will work well for jumping. And I'm pretty positive it will look great for dressage.

I *think* this is it...

Anyways...this whole shopping expedition sparked a question for this sort-of-newbie eventer: what is the show jacket 'policy' or more 'norm' for eventing?


NaeNae87 02-20-2014 02:48 AM

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I like that jacket in the picture you posted. I would wear it for both Dressage and SJ.

Most of my friends and I only have the one jacket which we use for both.

Here is what I use...
Attachment 375466

As you can see, mine has 4 buttons but I have seen heaps of people with 3 button jackets.

I prefer traditional black or navy, however I know a few people doing dressage and SJ in grey and pale blue.

The soft shell "technical" fabrics are becoming more popular... at least over here in Aus (in summer you can wet them down before putting them on to help keep cool in the ring :) )

Have a look through some competition pictures (do you guys have event photographers over there?) and that should give you an idea of what everyone else is doing :)

picup436 02-20-2014 08:11 AM

I'm a little different, I have a whole heap of jackets! There is a tailor in Bali that has my measurements, and whenever family goes over I have another made, I pay less than $50 a jacket, and they fit me perfectly.

So far I have 6, all different colours. I usually dressage in the navy, but jumping I have a choice of dark purple, royal blue, burgundy, grey or dark green.

My partner is heading back to Bali shortly, so I'm thinking I need a teal jacket next, and maybe 1 other.

I really like the technical jackets, they look smart and have much more stretch than the traditional style jacket. As NaeNae said, they are super popular over here.

MyBoyPuck 02-20-2014 07:46 PM

Wow, I have no clue how many buttons my jacket has. I just know I got it for $90 at the Dover tent sale and it fits me like a glove! Mine is navy with a very subtle pin stripe. I don't think there is any norm. As long as it fits well and is clean, I don't think it matters.

I don't think the words "traditional" and "eventing" belong in the same sentence. One of my favorite things was picking my eventing colors for me and my horse. I have noticed, at the recognized shows, the colors tend to be more mainstream and toned down. Most of the XC vests are black and dark blue and the shirt is the color of your choice. Most wear white breeches at the recognized shows. FYI, at most shows you wear your XC clothes to stadium, so most riders only wear their jackets for dressage.

I see you're in NH. Dover has a really good winter tent sale coming up if it hasn't already passed at the NH store.

JustWingIt 02-20-2014 07:57 PM

NaeNae, thanks, I like it too! Haha, yeah I think it will be good for both too

picup, wow thats really cool! I'm not sure all those colors would fly over here at least where I show though haha

MyBoyPuck- actually i'm in ME (small diff I know but I'm a diehard 'Mainah' ;) ) anyways yeah Dover has their Spring tent sale but its always the same weekend as my first event, maybe not this year, that would be awesome
Yes and at a few I'm going to wear our xc gear for stadium, but at some we wear dress clothes, and my trainer always prefers her riders to wear coats in stadium whenever possible
What are your xc colors? Out of sheer curiosity
And as to traditional...I was thinking more of cut of the coat and in the jacket I purchased doesn't have shoulder pads and it has zipper pockets...its sort of more streamlined you know?

Anyways, its good to know that there isn't some widely acknowledged rule of thumb that I had no clue of!

MyBoyPuck 02-20-2014 08:49 PM

I see you have the same color horse. I spend a week holding color swatches in front of my horse. We went with navy/burgundy. Unfortunately it's very hard to find real navy blue and true burgundy. It's more dark blue and wine. Oh well, still looks okay. The other colors that really looked good on dark bays were Periwinkle for reasons I really don't understand, and red.

I'd love to take a riding vacation in Maine. You might be getting a PM from me in a few months looking for good places to ride.

JustWingIt 02-20-2014 08:55 PM

I like those colors! Mine are navy and white, with a little light blue. Yes, Maine is great for riding! We have a smallish horse community but its varied and vibrant! I'd be happy to recommend places!

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