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ShannonSevenfold 09-26-2009 11:21 AM

Few things for sale. Pretty cheap. Western and English stuff. [also, Looking for...]
I Have For Sale
...A beautiful Western browband headstall with matching reins. Darker oil color. Very, very supple and well oiled. You will be very surprised! White stitching on browband. Not super fancy, but I think it is beautiful. Never been used. Tried on and didn't fit.
Small Horse/Cob/Arab.
Bought new for $45.
Yours for $30.

...Brown synthetic suede half chaps. Black elastic loop at bottom to hold to your boot. Velcro closures. Pretty adjustable. Never used. Tried on and planned to use for lessons but just decided I don't need them.
Bought new for $30.
Yours for $20.

...Black pull-on riding tights. Not sure of size, but I am about 5'4 and they fit me great. Very stretchy. Used, but with a lot of life left in them. Small hole (about 1/4") that I will fix before sending.
Given as a gift; Not sure of retail price.
Yours for $10.

...Custom made saddle pads. Cotton. Fleece. Or cotton AND fleece. Any color(s) you choose with trim also in your choice of color. Can be made to the thickness of your choice.
Square (AP). $30
Dressage. $35

...Custom made polos. Can be made to match saddle pad(s). $20.

...Possible trade. I have a 16" (fits like a 16.5") brown synthetic HDR Advantage AP English saddle with leathers. Not sure if it fits my new horse's shark fin withers. Trade only. If you have something, let me know. Not sure if I want a new saddle yet or not.

Will Trade For
...Uxeter slotted Kimberwicke with curb chain and solid, ported mouthpiece.
...Lunge line.
...Lunge whip.
...English breastplate.
...Leather half chaps.
...English stirrup irons.
...SMBs or leather splint boots.
...Make an offer. I need a bunch of stuff.

All prices are +shipping and OBO. Don't be afraid to make an offer on anything. I am semi-negotiable on prices. Pictures available.

ShannonSevenfold 09-27-2009 10:19 AM

Bump. This stuff's gotta gooo.

ShannonSevenfold 09-27-2009 03:56 PM

Bump. Custom Western pads for sale also. $35.

ShannonSevenfold 10-03-2009 09:36 AM

Bump. I desperately need to get rid of this stuff. Make an offer! All prices negotiable and trades are more than welcome.

Erin_And_Jasper 10-03-2009 08:17 PM

can i see a pic of the first headstall?

ShannonSevenfold 10-05-2009 07:14 AM

2 Attachment(s)
First is the headstall (sorry it's a bit blurry). Second is the headstall and split reins. Reins are included.

EDIT: I just realized I said it had white stitching. It actually has black stitching. Sorry about that.

parcfarms 10-06-2009 08:20 PM

what size chaps are you? im interested in the saddle pad.i also have a lunge line.. let me know.

ShannonSevenfold 10-07-2009 11:12 PM


Headstall SOLD pending payment.

mjalsip 10-08-2009 08:10 AM

I am interested in your square saddle pad. Do you make them yourself and do you have any pictures of them?

ShannonSevenfold 10-08-2009 02:47 PM

I do make them myself. And I could get pictures for you if you would like. =)

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