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ddman 10-05-2007 08:58 AM

new to horses w questions
well as the title says, this is my first horse. she is a 4y old 1/2 walker 1/2 mustang, 14 hands high. she has been broke before but it has been a year since anyone fooed with her. here is the story:
my 9 year old daughter wanted a miniture horse for ever, but we couldnt afford one, a woman my wife works with her parents had 5 horses. her parents couldnt take care of them so she give them away, we got the gentlest one, a mare called pleasure. when we got there to pick her up she was with the other horses in a lot with no grass. they had been taken good care of, just not worked with. now we got her home and i just started doing little things like leading her before i fed her, finally got her to lunge a little, she didnt like it all and still dont but will if i keep at her, and she will go both ways. i have sat my girls on her one at a time and lead her around, she does great with them. no acting up, figiting around, nothing. it is almost like she understands they are little and fragile she is so gentle when there around her. but, when they are not with me she gets moody, hard headed, and stubborn. so i have been watching clint anderson and perelli on rfd tv. i have learned alot form to shows. here is where im at now. i have her lunging as i said, i done the flex training and she picked right up to that, both sides took me about 30 minutes but if i pull the lead a little she will lick her side with no problem. i got up the nerve to get on her and sat, bareback, she was a little skiddish at first but came aorund and didnt buck or anythiing, i let her just walk around the first 10 minutes with me on her where ever she wanted go, to get use to me. then i pulled sllightly on the left rien and she turned to the left, same with the right. later that evening we put a saddle on her, lead her around 20 minutes, doe great. i even leaned across the saddle and let her walk me around. then followed that with putting a bit in her mouth, this was a problem for her. she never bucked or kicked, but she was very figity. come to find out she has never had a bit in her before. and when i rode her the first time it was with out a bit and she did great. she does try and bite every now and then, and im working on that, she has kicked me once, i have to say i think it was more my fault than the horse. i had got done working her and she ended up straddle the rope walking to her oats. i pulled hard on the lead and she nailed in the hip. no major damage just some bruising. so i gess my question is this, do i have to have a bit in her to ride? i know they say you can controll her head better, but she gives so well to begin with. and i have a little trouble catching her, she shy's away when i reach for her halter. i have leanred by my experience that there is nothing to be afraid of if you watch her body language, most the time she bluffs, and i think she is getting better at trusting me. any tips or step by step advice on getting the lunging better, her respect, and riding, that was my first time in 30 years of riding a horse. thank you for your help. brian

Vidaloco 10-05-2007 09:34 AM

My first suggestion is to make this your horse and get yourself and the horse to a trainer. If you can't afford one pick a clinician you like Perelli, Clinton Anderson, whoever and buy their dvd's and follow them step by step.
My second suggestion is to get your daughter a different horse. IMO this horse is too young for a child. They say a childs first horse should have one foot in the grave the other on a banana peel. :wink: Your child is too precious to risk being hurt or worse by a young horse. They are too unpredictable and a young child too easily damaged.
As far as riding without a bit, I see nothing wrong with it on a well trained horse. It sounds like your gal needs more control. I would start with a simple snaffle bit. I usually just leave it in their mouth for a day so they get used to it. Just the bit attached to a headstall. You need to have some brakes or whoa and that is what the bit is for as well as direction.
It is fun and satisfying training your own horse. Getting advice from a pro is a wise move. Best of luck to you and next time she kicks you kick her back :!:

I want to add if you are a reader try The Man Who Listens To Horses by Monty Roberts. It is a great book on learning how a horse thinks.

Spirithorse 10-05-2007 11:53 AM

I would highly suggest looking into Parelli. It's a wonderful program and seeing as this is your first horse it would be a wonderful introduction to horses.

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