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smrobs 10-01-2009 01:20 AM

11 weeks and shed of his baby fuzz. *sigh*
Rafe is getting so ridiculously big it's crazy. I haven't sticked him recently (last time I did, he was 11.3 hands). I will probably do that tomorrow providing the wind is down. Anyway, here he is at 11 weeks old. Mostly shed off to a beautiful rich chesnut and HE GREW INTO HIS HEAD!!! Now he doesn't look so fugly as he did as a baby LOL. The other horses that he is in with are Dobe and Pokey, just for reference, Dobe is 14.3 and Pokey is about 15.1 or 15.2.

Managed to catch him on a bathroom break :-P

Gonna have a nice broad back for bareback riding when he grows up.

His training is progressing nicely. He leads very well (though he doesn't always stop when I do, working on that), drops his head for the halter, picks up his feet like an old champ and holds them up as long as I want, and is now learning to stand tied. When he gets just a bit older, I will start ponying him on some short trail rides and walks through town just so that he can have some experience with big scary things before I get in the saddle even though it is still 3 or 4 years off. Gonna get him gelded at the first available chance cause I don't want any testosterone running through his veins, he is a big enough s**t-head already so probably at 6 months or so, he is gonna get the snip. Plus, he already has the cresty neck that I like the looks of so I won't need to leave the gonads for that either.

free_sprtd 10-01-2009 01:58 AM

awwww he's turning out beautifully! sounds like you are putting some good foundation work on him, can't wait to see how he progresses :)

Fire Eyes 10-01-2009 02:52 AM

He's turning out to be a lovely little boy. I'm liking his colour. :)
I look forward to seeing how big he gets! :P

rocky pony 10-01-2009 03:50 AM

awww what a cutie! he's gonna be quite a handsome guy =D

ChingazMyBoy 10-01-2009 07:10 AM


Originally Posted by Fire Eyes (Post 416485)
He's turning out to be a lovely little boy. I'm liking his colour. :)
I look forward to seeing how big he gets! :P

I second that, I love the colour!:-)

close2prfct 10-01-2009 08:32 AM

Another 8-12 weeks and he's going to be looking down on Dobe lol

Velvet 10-01-2009 08:50 AM

BEAUTIFUL horses and an absolutely STUNNING colt!!!

Lonestar22 10-01-2009 09:53 AM

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If you lived about 10 hours closer you would need to watch out for me stealing your horses. Esp. your perch. lol. jk.........

smrobs 10-01-2009 10:31 AM


Originally Posted by close2prfct (Post 416572)
Another 8-12 weeks and he's going to be looking down on Dobe lol

:shock: Oh, I know. Scary. LOL.

Thanks guys, I think he is gonna turn out pretty nicely as well. He is balancing out nicely and seems to have decent confo so he should make a nice ranch horse (providing he isn't too big :?). I like his color too, I usually prefer the darker colors like bay, brown, and black and have never cared much for a sorrel horse and I was afraid that he would be the orangey sorrel that is so common. Since he is turning kindof a darker chesnut, I think I can live with it though:wink:.

Does anyone think he will grow a flaxen mane as he gets older or will it stay the darker red color?

FGRanch 10-01-2009 11:22 AM

He is adroable! I soo want him. He did grow into his head and he looks great now!

He is going to be a big guy, if he's too big for you send him this way. He will fit in well with Caly and Vesta!

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