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Cinnys Whinny 02-28-2014 06:56 PM

BO won't do anything about unmannered, rude, dangerous horse VENT
So I have been boarding at my stable for a little over a year now. As stables go I love it for the most part. I love the people, the family atmosphere and the general lack of drama with the exception of one person whom the BO has let slide by (actually I heard she was asked to leave and didn't and the BO doesn't make her because she needs the $$). For the most part, it's lovely.

But then, there is Monster horse. Monster (that's what I will call him here) is a 2 year old half clydesdale standing at just over 15h and I estimate he is at least 1000 pounds. Monster's owner has not seen him since the month or so after he was born at our barn. Nobody has worked with monster. The only time monster is handled is when he is lead to and from turnout in which most times the barn hands can't even get his halter off. There have also been a few times he was left in his stall due to his unruliness as he tends to rear, lunge and bite at peoples faces when they try to get him out.

So how does this effect me? Well, Cin is turned out with him every day. At first, it was all good...Monster was a yearling and it was thought that Cin would help his manners. But the opposite has happened. It is slowly getting worse and worse. I have to battle Monster every time I want to get my horse out of turnout. Any time I go to put a halter on Cinny he bites Cin, kicks him and chases him away from me and then gets in between me and Cin and tries to stare me down. Other times he has actually come after me, charging me, rearing and sometimes spinning and kicking at my face as was the way it went today.

I feel like every time I go in to that turnout with monster I am putting my life on the line. I've dealt with high strung and spirited horses and I'm not afraid of them. Cinny was purchased as an untrained pasture puff himself and was quite unmannerly at first. But what Monster does, is just plain scary. I deal with his teeth gnashing at me and his hind end kicking at me every time.

Last NOVEMBER I told my BO that I wanted a different turnout situation for Cinny. She told me that she was gong to move Monster in with a yearling in another pen. I waited, and waited and waited. It never happened. I complained again, She told me she would think about it but frankly she acts like there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Monster. Then she told me that there was a problem with Monster after he went after HER, and she said she was going to talk to his owner. Still nothing. I complain, and she spews off some sort of verbal vomit to try to appease me "I'm going to talk to his owner," "I'm going to start working with him," "I'm going to shuffle the horses turnouts around." Still nothing ever happens.

Today it took me 45 minutes to catch my horse, thanks to Monster. He got closer to my face when he kicked, I could actually feel the breeze from his hooves! I wear a helmet now but that wouldn't have helped my face. I texted the BO. I was told that there was nowhere else to put either horse for turnout (we have over 10 different pens) and that to compromise how bout Cinny get turned out only half day? That is Bull!! So unfair!! What makes me the maddest is that she has NEVER even tried Cin with any other horses despite the fact that at all his other stables he was turned out with different horses every week and got along with every one of them. He is great where it comes to turn out buddies. But she won't even try it. On top of that she tried to tell me that she has no other problem and the owner of the mare that is also turned out with them has no problem. But Monster doesn't give a rats butt about that mare, he is however overly attached to Cinny and screams for him while I try to work Cinny.

I pay my full board on time and sometimes even early. I follow the barn rules. I ask BO's permission before doing things, I clean up after myself and sometimes other people, I don't just take things I want, etc like saddle racks when people move out. She complains about other boarders to me and has cried on my shoulder in frustration at them. And my horse and I are now getting the shaft. I was accused of giving her an ultimatum, which I wasn't...I now wish I had.

And I understand that working with horses is dangerous. However I think it's the responsibility of BO's to remedy dangerous situations like this. I am a full time stay at home mom with an Autistic Son. I rarely get time to be with my horse, maybe 2 or 3 hours once or twice a week. My riding is my time to relax. I shouldn't be made to feel like me and my horse are in danger any time I try to get him out of his turnout. Am I really being unreasonable expecting my horse to have full time turnout WITHOUT Monster when it is in my contract that he gets full day turnout as well as boarding/turnout in a safe environment?

waresbear 02-28-2014 07:14 PM

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It's not up to you to put some manners on Monster. I would demand my horse be kept separate from this horse or you are gone.

SlideStop 02-28-2014 07:35 PM

The very first line you said the barn owner needs be money. Tell her you'll give her X amount of time and if she doesn't do anything about it your gone. This doesn't sound like a horse you bring a big long whip with and chase him away. I feel like that might backfire quickly. It's not worth risking your neck and you SHOULDNT HAVE TO!
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Cinnys Whinny 02-28-2014 07:39 PM


Originally Posted by SlideStop (Post 4864274)
The very first line you said the barn owner needs be money. Tell her you'll give her X amount of time and if she doesn't do anything about it your gone. This doesn't sound like a horse you bring a big long whip with and chase him away. I feel like that might backfire quickly. It's not worth risking your neck and you SHOULDNT HAVE TO!
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Yeah, I have a feeling that it would really backfire with this horse. On top of that, Cinny is scared of lunge whips and lead lines used in that manner and I believe that he was severely beaten by the people I got him from. He is fine with me swinging ropes around his head, etc, but as soon as I "thunk" a horse with it with the purpose of making it back off, he runs for the hills too and won't trust me for the rest of the day. That in itself is a backfire because then I definitely can't catch him. The most I can do his put my hand to Monsters chest and tell him back but it doesn't always work and it usually results in him reaching out and chomping on my horse, then kicking at me as they both run to the other side of the pen.

MyBoySi 02-28-2014 07:45 PM

If it were me I would tell her to figure out a different situation for my horse/monster horse or I would be moving in x amount of days.

You sound like a great boarder and I bet there are many barns that would be glad to have you. You are paying good money for a service and most barns would happily oblige. Why deal with it? You should be able to enjoy your horse to the fullest, not be worried about getting kicked in the face when you wish to work him.

Northernstar 02-28-2014 08:00 PM

Oooooh, what a terribly inept BO! I think I counted 6 "promises" - I'd have my horse out of there after 2. I suggest you (without one feeling of guilt!) find a new and responsible stable a.s.a.p.! That poor horse hasn't been given any proper training, but your life is at stake and you've already used 8 going in there. Be wise, do not feel guilty, do it for you and your horse :)

thetempest89 02-28-2014 08:19 PM

If I was paying board, I would move. Seriously that would scare the **** out of me, I don't HAVE to deal with dangerous horses. Especially if you can't take a whip with you out into the field because of Cinny. Screw that, I would have a hardcore talk and threaten to leave.

And honestly, your BO is waiting for a law suit. That boy is 2 years old, he's going to grow and grow. And he's eventually going to figure out that he's bigger then everyone else, and he's going to do some major damage to the property, a person, or another horse. Seriously. And that OWNER! is ruining a horse, a dangerous draft horse is likely going to get passed around, or pts.

This situation has made me mad. You should NOT have to deal with that.

BornToRun 02-28-2014 08:26 PM

At this point, it would be best for a horse like this to be pastured alone, or better yet, have the owners contacted so they can come pick up their demon spawn. If it were me, I would tell your BO they x numbers of days to figure something out or I will be finding a different barn to board at.

Cinnys Whinny 02-28-2014 08:30 PM

I'm putting out feelers for a new place to move. I love that stable too, I love my friends there. I don't want to leave. But I am tired of having to wear a helmet to catch my horse and still feeling like I've got the devil staring me down just waiting for an opening to do some damage.

thetempest89 you are right, he is only going to get bigger and bigger. Just over 15h at 2 years old says it all and he ALREADY thinks he can kick everyone's bottom. The BO just acts like her hands are tied and says the owner of Monster just doesn't care. I personally think she needs to grow a spine. Everyone walks all over her. Like I said, she even kicked someone out a few months ago and not only did that person not leave, they brought in a new horse....and by the way, Cin could have had THAT turnout spot, but nooooooo

evilamc 02-28-2014 08:32 PM

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Poor Cinny, I know exactly how you feel. I deal with a similar situation except hes about 18h! He's not as aggressive as Monster but literally tries to walk over me when I'm getting my horse...take my halter off my shoulder...will bit at my hose when I take him away and has kicked at me once! Its the owners 40k show horse so of course he has nooo problems. She thinks he and my horse are just best of friends and wont separate them. Since I know exactly how you feel, not to the same degree though, I would be looking to move. I constantly am looking for somewhere to move waiting for something to pop up. You shouldn't have to worry about getting hurt trying to get your horse..your horse is the only one thats allowed to hurt you ;) not some dummy in the field!

You sound like a very responsible boarder, you should take your hard earned money elsewhere, somewhere you'll be respected. The BO has had plenty of time to fix the situation and hasn't budged on it, you've given her way more chances then I would!

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