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cronolegs 10-01-2009 01:41 PM

Website Design
Hi all.
Apologies if this post is inappropriate to the horse forums.
I couldn't help noticing the questions about web design on these forums.

I've been involved with horses my entire life and i'm well aware of how difficult it is for equine folk to get a decent fully functional website on the go.

I am an IT student based in the UK and I would like to build a business which uses both my equine and computer skills to help people get professional equine websites up and running.

Below are some examples of my work

A horse related example
Polo News | News | Display
Polonews is an incredibly complicated database website which I launched may 2009. I am continually expanding it.
Everything on this website is automated

A general website which is geared towards online gaming
EuroGL - Front Page
Eurogl is still in production. Check out the artwork and search features.

A previous business I setup and sold jan 2009 (not linked to web design)

Other info
I would like to point out this isn't a free service. Well built, functional websites do not come cheap.

If your interested in bringing an equine business into the online world then im sure I can help.
Contact me


equiniphile 10-01-2009 03:56 PM

I'm not sure this is allowed; my topic was deleted by the admins when I posted my websites on here:(

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