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sixlets 10-02-2009 02:02 PM

Are Myler bits really THAT great?
I know some people that won't use any other brand of bit, but they're so expensive and I don't see much of a difference between them and other bits. I've never used one... Are they really THAT great?:?

Jillyann 10-02-2009 02:07 PM

Some of them look terrifying to me!! I would never use one!

appylover31803 10-02-2009 02:21 PM

I have a myler bit for my mare.
I'm sure I could have gone with a double jointed bit, but I did research and liked what they had to offer and i liked how the bit was made/shaped.
Every horse I've ridden in that bit has gone wonderfully and I've never had a problem. I could have just been coincidence, but I like to think differently.

sixlets 10-02-2009 02:59 PM

Okay thanks applylover, and by the way, congrats on the baby!

kitten_Val 10-02-2009 03:57 PM

My horse didn't like one, so I returned it back to the store and got oval mouth instead. :)

appylover31803 10-02-2009 04:48 PM

your welcome sixlet and thanks :)

SavvyHearts 10-02-2009 08:27 PM

the current bit I have now is a Korsteel (sorry if I spelled that wrong). I have a myler bit in my tack box but it was just a "get me through until I get this bit". I am planning on buying another myler bit within the next year...or maybe my fiance will get it for me for christmas (*hint*...maybe I"ll be lucky and he'll read this haha).

Personally I've had alot of good experiences with myler bits...but yes some look scary

GandRPaints 10-02-2009 08:55 PM

I just bought a myler bit about a week ago and love it. My mare is very responsive to it. Its nothing real severe. It has a low port on it and she loves it to. I noticed when i changed bits she doesnt play with this bit. She is very rounded when i use it and i have to do less to correct her. Granit if you have heavy or harsh hands any bit can be bad. I tend to be very light on her mouth to begin with so this bit works really well. I would think if you had heavy hands you wouldnt want to get one of these. Just my own opinion but i really like it. Glad I paid the price for it, was a good investment. They also say you shouldnt ride in the same bit for more than 3 days. Its good to rotate bits. Keeps horses fresh. Just my thoughts!

MIEventer 10-02-2009 09:40 PM

Yes, yes they are.

I use Level 1's only. The Wide Barrel Comfort Snaffles.

I like them because the bit works independantly. Meaning, I can lift his left shoulder without effecting his right.

Each side works on their own without effecting the other side and that is what I love about it.

Nelson grinds his teeth in any other bit. Whether it be a french link or a single jointed. Irrigardless. When I put a Myler in his mouth, he drools and foams.

I wont do any flat work without one in his mouth.

sixlets 10-03-2009 05:16 PM

Well, it looks like I'll get one, that is if I can save enough up for it haha. (At least Christmas is coming in a few months)

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