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Wallaby 10-02-2009 07:31 PM

Clicker training! O.o
So I tried once to train my dog using clicker training and it just confused him (I didn't have an actual clicker which probably didn't help) so I kinda gave up. Well, on Monday I decided to give it a try with Lacey just for kicks since she seems to be the type that would love to do tricks and stuff, I just haven't figured out how to teach her yet.

I still didn't have a clicker so I'm using a very enthusiastic "GOOD Girl!!!" as the marker and lo' and behold, I taught her to shake her head "no" in two TEN minute sessions over TWO days! :shock: I still need to add a command to it but I'm pretty sure I figured out how to teach her tricks! Haha My plan is to also teach her to nod her head "yes" so I can ask her yes or no questions and have her "answer," how cute would that be?

I'm really excited! She's a really smart cookie (for instance, if I'm doing a serpentine with her and we've done it a few times I can drop the reins and she'll just do it perfectly on her own without any input from me) and I've been trying for the last year to figure out how to get her to put all that smartness to good use.

I just bought a clicker so that should help too. I'm really excited! I've always wanted a pony that did tricks! Haha
Maybe I'll teach her to put her ears forward on command so she looks less angry in pictures. Haha

snoggle 10-02-2009 10:47 PM

There's a great horse clicker training book called "The Click That Teaches" - it seems idiot proof. I'm going to start using it with my filly.

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