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paintedpastures 03-02-2014 09:23 PM

Monty Roberts

SouthernTrails 03-02-2014 10:50 PM



Originally Posted by paintedpastures (Post 4877834)
Not as wonderful as betrayed

Do you mean your post???

The original Lawsuit was in 1999

The two alleged victims dropped the lawsuit back in 2000

Any reason to bring up hearsay from a re-print of an article from 2009?


DancingArabian 03-02-2014 11:44 PM

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You mean as portrayed, not betrayed, yes?

Why don't you see if his daughter will address the topic on her radio show.
Horsemanship Radio

usandpets 03-02-2014 11:54 PM

Betrayed or portrayed?

Anyone can be sued. Doesn't mean he did anything wrong if the case gets dropped. Settling out of court doesn't mean it either.

Honestly, I hadn't heard of him being sued or why. I didn't check your link either because it doesn't really matter to me. I'm not a big fan of his anyway.

The big name trainers do get more publicity if or when things go bad. I am a fan of Clinton Anderson but I hadn't heard anything until recently about the client's horse that died in his care. He tried to give her one of his horses but she still bad mouthed him.
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4horses 03-03-2014 12:38 AM

If you notice it was a family "spat" and it was family members that were attempting to sue him. Monty has said some bad things about his father and has pictures in his book to prove it. Of course that will make the family angry.

It is not unusual for family members to turn a blind eye to abuse within the family. There could be anger and jealousy as well that Monty has been so successful (and rich). If his family is horrible, I doubt he will give much of that money to them.

It is also not unusual for an abuser to target just one child. Maybe his dad was "nice" towards others. I had a friend at school who's step- mom was absolutely 2 faced. She could be so nice towards strangers and other adults, but the way she cursed and belittled my friend was just horrible. My friend ended up running away twice and finally moved in with her cousin's family. :-(

I don't think any trainer is perfect, and accidents happen. People can get hurt even with a well trained horse. Lawsuits happen especially when you are rich!

paintedpastures 03-03-2014 12:49 AM

Portrayed ( dang auto correct ) . Ok guilty of not checking article for date.:shock: had just seen it posted today,didn't think it would be old news:-( I have never thought bad of him or heard much negative about him before, so was surprised by what was reported :-(. Other higher profile trainers like parelli have a lot opinions voiced about them,wondered if others had thoughts on Roberts, cause after reading that article admit yes didn't really know much about him beyond his book & movie:? Wondered Did I miss something? Just having been drawn in by the marketing/media about him:-|

amigoboy 03-03-2014 12:59 AM


Originally Posted by paintedpastures (Post 4877834)

Thank you for the link.
New news for an old man who does not keep up on the equastrian gossip.
This does not surprise me as eventualy the gods will be defaced.
People are in such need of Gurus and Heros and forget they are only human.
They may be good at what they do but that does not mean their talent can be passed on to others:
One is either good with animals or one is not.
I met Monty Roberts and his family many years ago in Salem Oregon where he was doing his thing and from what I saw he had a good understanding of horses.
I also saw the trail he was riding down where there would be wanna-bees who never could-bee waiting to take him down.

So very sad.

Roux 03-03-2014 11:46 AM

I was given a Monte Roberts training book once and I found it very useful. I have had good results with his methods and his framework of thinking about the horse.

I won't echo too much regarding the lawsuits but in reality any one can sue any one pretty much at will. Second, horses kill themselves - its pretty much the only reliable thing they do. Even in the safest environments etc.

Regardless a persons behavior or personality in business or family doesn't necessarily take away from their ability as a trainer. I can think of a few brilliant horse people that I know that are down right b@$t@rd$. lol

Filou 03-04-2014 12:20 PM

I went to a clinic he had down here. It was okay but I was unimpressed.
I've been to a number of horse clinics and I learned nothing from his clinic except that he was selling a horse named shark, and that he was selling all the other horses he toted along with him, boring, I actually have pictures but most of them were selfies I was so bored, and I never take pictures of myself lol.
The barn I was at had tons of his horses trained for trail riding, they all seemed like nice guys to me though.

It seems like if you are working on a film it can be easier for things to go wrong with horses. And if you are around long enough there will be something to pick at no matter who you are.

Kyla815 03-04-2014 03:20 PM

I don't have much of an opinion on him--I read and enjoyed one of his books, but that is the extent of my experience with Monty Roberts. However, I do know (and have a lot of respect for) a trainer who worked with him years ago at one of his training facilities. Her opinion is that he does falsify a lot of the information he presents to the public.

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