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cheply 10-04-2009 05:55 PM

She's a paint.. whats her cross breed?
This is Rain. She is 5 years old and stands at ... 15hh? I think... somewhere around there.. maybe a little on the shorter side.
Her owner said all she knows is that she is a paint crossed with something else.. but she's not sure what. She has been told that Rain looks like a standardbred but I just don't see that at all.

Sorry I don't have any confo shots or ones where I'm not sitting on her. lol.

MoonlightEm 10-04-2009 06:04 PM

I see a little bit of something else in the long flat face/head. Cute horse!

Eastowest 10-04-2009 10:14 PM

Honestly, I could see the reasoning behind thinking her "other half" could be Standardbred. Many Standardbreds are similar in conformation to TBs-- but those around here I have seen usually have more bone than a TB, a bit more length to the back, and some have a longer head (not all.)

I could also see maybe TWH as her other half--

Do you know if her "paint" half was actually a Paint-- as in, mostly QH/TB breeding with color-- or was it maybe a pinto colored horse (which some people still call "paints") that was not necessarily from stock horse ancestry, as registered Paints are?

cheply 10-05-2009 02:51 AM

Don't know if she is true paint or not. Don't know much about her breeding at all. Just wanted to see if you guys saw any obvious breeds in her that I could not cause I don't know much about that stuff.

kedar my buba boy 10-05-2009 04:07 AM

yeah she dose looke abit standy ut she has got a long face like a tb and by the way she is a very nice looken horse

ridesapaintedpony 10-05-2009 04:05 PM

At this point I'd call her a pinto colored horse. I don't see any Paint at all in her.

BaliDoll 10-06-2009 10:09 PM

Yeah, she doesn't look like she has any "true" paint in her, at least not for a ways back into her pedigree, just because of her conformation. She's cute though!

AlmagroN 10-07-2009 05:37 PM

i can see the standardbred there, especially in that head shot. look at this head shot, the face shape is very similar. this was my standardbred gelding, Almagro. (i know it looks like he had a big lump on his nose, but its actually an optical illusion. his blaze went to the right of his face, and when he looked my way it pulled the blaze over to the left, strange lol)

hes beautiful whatever he is! very handsome!

cheply 10-07-2009 07:10 PM

I always thought standardbreds had huge roman noses.. and small eyes.

AlmagroN 10-08-2009 07:59 AM

not always. some do, but now-a-days most dont.

here are some of my STBs:

these ones are my roman noses. the roman nose is actually becoming a throwback to older STBs. its disappearing more and more now.

my 2 yr old La'Don Belle:

my 7yr old mare, Sumaturo:

here are our STBs without roman noses:

5yr old mare, Hopedale Jive

6yr old gelding, Talbotwesternflame

13yr old retired racehorse now broodmare, Slim N Fit

STBs now have a huge range of face shapes, body shapes, height, etc. And to think, their lines can ALL be traced back to ONE original STB... Hambletonian 10, also known as Rydysk's Hambletonain.

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