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ilovemyPhillip 10-04-2009 07:00 PM

Weekly Riding With Prince and Anny :]
Wow, to me this is so weird! I haven't been here in so long! Hehe, to me I am Anny here and Amanda is my true name.. So you may hear "Amanda" a lot in my stories ;] LOL.

Well, Wednsdays, I now take lessons with Prince Phillip. Last week was the first time we have ever trailered him, and I rode! I was so excited by this due to he's an easy spooker. He jumped at his shadow a few times but that was it! We walked and trotted nonstop! He was scared and had really runny poo; but overall I was quite pleased with him!! Next week Im going to have him canter! I have never cantered him before.. so I will be sure to have a camera ready for y'all.
Oh, and I jumped! He's green at it, but my instructor was very pleased with both of us. He did jump once when i wasnt ready so I kind of sprained my wrist when he jumped really high and my hand sort of grabbed his neck and went *CRACK!*.. so next week I'm going to stay in two point the whole time XD!

Sadly I have no pictures of videos for you guys... but we played run away pony in my neighbors hay feild and we got some pics :] lemme find some...

:roll: Silly pony.

Anny (& Princey!)

Oh! and Savannah kicked at Beth! My instructor! In the face! :shock: Evil mare!

PiggyPablo 10-05-2009 08:30 PM

Great Anny! I'm so glad you two had fun! Lessons are awesome!

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