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Lexiie 03-05-2014 06:14 PM

Lease Agreement, help me write one?
Hello all, my mare is up for lease while I go to college. I just don't feel right letting her sit, I put four years of hard work into her and it just seems like a waste if no one else were to be able to enjoy her! Plus, it saves me money and keeps her healthy!

I started with leasing her at 300 a month, this included her feed, turn out, feet, and vet bills (luckily nothing happened) That was all paid for unless I wanted to do something different, which I did. I changed farriers, and started supplements. I also paid for all her vaccines.

I'm not so sure what I'll be doing for mine. I'm a bit unsure as to if I want to have my lessee pay for her vaccinations. That's almost 120, but then again, it's only once a year...
I am going to require that they pay to have her coggins redrawn, because it'll need to be redrawn at the end of August, and I probably won't be showing throughout the school year. Being a pre-med student, I'm too scared to put anything on my plate but my school work.

Right now, I have her posted at 175 for a half lease (that extra 25 goes towards her feet/supplements) and full lease is 300. I figure it's fair that way.

Does anyone have an advice? I feel so uneducated about leasing, even though I leased my mare for 3 years! lol

The person who is my expected lessee, I've known for years. She's one of the barn girls. She's a great kid and always so responsible around the horses. So I'm not worried so much as putting down rules, she knows my horse pretty well and she knows that she needs to be careful always. I guess I'm looking for help as to what my lessee should be responsible for.

SouthernTrails 03-05-2014 08:46 PM

DuckDodgers 03-05-2014 09:06 PM

Price wise, I'd add up all of the non-monthly expenses (vaccinations, coggins, wormer, farrier) and divide that by 12. Add that number on top of the monthly costs (board, supplements). If she's being given full access to your well-trained horse- all the riding she wants- then I think it's reasonable for her to be expected to cover his expenses. With a half lease and restricted riding time then I probably wouldn't expect a full half of regular veterinary costs. Were I leasing a horse and expected to pay all of her expenses I would rather have a monthly up front cost that I have to pay than have random bills suddenly appear here and there. Provide a breakdown of the costs for the girl if she wants to see where exactly her money is going.

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