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Honeysuga 10-06-2009 09:10 PM

!!Registered Paint Mare!!
So I am talking to my grandma about selling her young registered paint mare, Majik. Right now it is really an if situation so I'm not going to be very specific _some details
- Registered/ have papers, I remember her lines were decent but I don't have her pedigree (its with gma)
-as of right now im not sure of her age im guessing shes around 5
-she is started under saddle but very green, good on ground
-she is breeding stock deep brown in color around 15.2hh, light build (maybe a jumper)
-very sweet disposition, calm, not pushy
- right now she is being kept with a donkey so i assume she is good with other animals
The situation is that she was a gift to my gma but she neither has the time or knowledge to care foror train her, so she is just going to waste. She is thin and needs a good trim but other than that in good health. Gma just had surgery so she cant afford to care for her due to hospital bills.
Pretty much im just wanting to know if anyone would possibly be interested in her, if so I can provide pics and more details. She is in Millspring, Mo, but shipping could be arranged. You can pm me.
Ill try to get pics soon. Im not sure what well ask for her prolly just a best offer situation, i just want her in a better home than the one she is in now and cant afford her along with my gelding...

sillybunny11486 10-16-2009 03:16 PM

donate her. you get a tax deduction. sounds like alot of work. i dont like to buy horses from people who dont have the money to keep them, as they usually scrimp on feed and hoof care, vet bills and training. the buyer ends up paying for this. you could list her on or for free, and get some emails from people in your area.

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