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xkatex 10-08-2007 09:08 AM

Some Confusion
I was going to post this on the Critique section but this isnt really a critique. I was looking around at different site about confo in thoroughbreds and the only real decent one I found was one that said Secretariat had almost perfect confo. Well my horse looks nothing like him to begin with. Secretariat looks more like a freight train and mine a torpedo.

Basically what I am asking is if anyone could help me find a good confo shot of what a "normal" thoroughbred should look like? My horse is a gelding so obviously I know hes not going have one of those amazing stud necks which I adore lol:)

So yes any photos of Thoroughbred Conformation or even the ideal confo for horses in certain disciplines would be nice. Thank you

moonflame994 10-08-2007 12:37 PM

Re: Some Confusion
ok i have a th also anyways, go to this site

accphotography 10-08-2007 01:21 PM

That is a rather old sketch that does not look much like present day TB's. I can't just show you what a "normal" TB looks like because there are somany different types. Sprinters look more like Quarter Horses, distance horses look more like Akhal-Tekes and turf horses have their own unique appearance. If you had a picture of your horse I could tell you what type he is and what is good and/or bad about his particular conformation as a race horse. When I have time I will post a few pics of the different types I am talking about. They can not be simply explained.

And in my opinion, Secretariat is a bad example of a perfect racehorse comformationally, he just happened to be one of the best racehorses that ever lived. But racehorses sometimes run beyond what their conformation should allow.


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