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OregonCowgirl 10-09-2009 08:33 PM

Saddle Fit Worries
Hello everyone,

Today i noticed that my gelding has some roaning areas where my saddle sits and concerned I took note where they were and rode with my usual saddle and pad.

After when i removed my tack I confirmed that the white hairs are from my daily riding in my saddle that aparently is creating pressure points enough to damage the hair pigment. He is a 16 hand QH gelding, I have a full QH bar crates saddle which from my experience is a pretty wide saddle so im really surprised im having this issue! I use a basic wool pad (not a double thickness). So im just looking to you all to find out what my options are. I cant buy another saddle right now and even if I did I think in the end it would have to be custom anyway. I know pads are not the best solution but I want to at least make him more comfortable until I can.
So does anyone have a pad the recommend?

Here are some pictures of where the pressure points are. Thanks for your help.

equiniphile 10-09-2009 09:36 PM

Something has to be done....I'm not an expert in Western saddlery, but I can plainly see that.....could you sell your old saddle and use the money to buy a used saddle that fits right? Who fitted the current saddle to your horse? You may have to give the horse a few days or more to recover before riding him again. The saddle also might be in the wrong place, or have too thin a saddle pad. Never use just a blanket; if you use a saddle blanket put a pad beneath it. I use a thin blanket, but below it I always have a foal pad.

equiniphile 10-09-2009 09:37 PM

haha sre i meant *foam* pad not foal XD

AzJumper 10-09-2009 09:49 PM

Well I don't know much about western saddles but looking at your horses back he looks like he doesn't have much withers, which either does my horses. My horse has a big barrel so I got a custom wide tree for him. I use what is called a wither pad. It is made of real wool and fits up into the tree and lifts it off his back. It seems your saddle may be sitting down too low and needs to be brought up. Since it is at the point of his withers where the problem is a wither pad may help. Here is the website for what mine looks like Mattes All Purpose Half Saddle Pad - Dover Saddlery.... not sure if they have something like this for western saddles....I would say you may end up having to get a custom saddle at some point. I also get a shammy you use on cars and get it wet and put it on their back so the saddle won't slip while I am riding which helps too. Hope this helps

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