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Velvet 10-10-2009 01:12 PM

Why appies ROCK!!!
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I had the most amazing experience with on of my Friend's appies today! She's a 9 month old filly and bears testament to the temperament my friend (she's a breeder) aims for in all her horses!!!

I was sitting with her head in my lap but got up to take pics...

Please note the huge bulldozer in the background, it was on and working while Hypnotica was snoozing!!! :lol:

Jillyann 10-10-2009 01:13 PM

How sweet. Not all appys are like that though! hah

Velvet 10-10-2009 01:17 PM

I think just about any horse could be like that if raised correctly. :) My friend takes alot of care raising her horses but she doesn't let them get away with murder if they are naughty.

Just thought it was so sweet, this filly FAST asleep right beside a noisey earthmover!!! I wanted to see if she would let me sit with her and she did, putting her head in my lap. I then got up and took the pics.

Kentucky 10-10-2009 05:17 PM

That is very cool, and I am impressived.

CrazyChester 10-10-2009 06:10 PM

How sweet! I must say, even though my Appy can be a bitch at times, she would have to be one of the best horses I have ridden/owned. :) Woohoo..go spots! :P

ChevyPrincess 10-11-2009 10:55 AM

Neither are paints, or any other breed.

But, a lot of people do breed Appaloosa's for disposition. All the appaloosas I have rode, have had good temperaments, and no buck, rear, nonsense stuff. Though we all slip every now and then. And, they had all been trained very well, handled as babies. I know their are crazies out there! But, from my expirence with good horse people and their appys' they have all been that well behaved. =]

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