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RoyalsRebel 10-12-2009 11:02 PM

Keeping supporting muscles for stifles over winter...
Hey all, I peeked around for a previous thread on stifle problems, but am looking more for ideas on keeping the muscles strong and any recommendations on natural therapies?

We are lucky to have a pretty large indoor arena with nice soft (but not too deep) footing. I think the arena is 80x200'.

I have a 12yo Oldenburg/TB that has pretty extensive wear in his stifle area. Last winter the vet's prognosis was that his stifles looked like those of a 15yo grand prix jumper. Which we know is not true as his owner bred him herself and he hasn't done more than 3' jumps and before last winter very little course work at that. The vet was stumped. We went back to basics with him, retrained from the ground up after he suffered injury to both stifles and needed cortisone shots to both. We focused on building muscle and creating suppleness laterally and longitudinally. Since last winter we've been doing poles and hills like it's going out of style and he has had a very successful summer showing 5 schooling shows at 2'3 and 2'6!

He's getting a daily regimen of glucosamine and other natural arthritis supplements (he suffers from a bit of mild arthritis as well).

My question is, does anyone have any good suggestions of natural supplements that we might try for arthritis/joint pain?

And, does anyone have any suggestions for exercises and things we can work on during the winter in the indoor arena to keep the muscle we've been trying to build all summer??

If I forgot to include something I'm sure I'll wake up at 2am and think of it, but I think that's about it!

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