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Sara 10-11-2007 02:23 PM

Hokie Harvest 2007
As my location indicates, I live and work practically on top of Virginia Tech...anyway, just wanted to mention that I am really impressed with the increasing quality of Tech's breeding program; they are offering some really dynamite young warmbloods this year at their October horse sale. Check out the sales list, I was drooling :)

upnover 01-19-2008 09:47 PM

I'm a Hokie grad!!!! Majored in animal science! The auction is AMAZING! Huge reputable stud farms from all over the country donate breeding to their stallions (and really nice broodmares too) and the university had 3 nice stallions while I was still there. The Horse Production class learns about the horse industry with a focus on breeding and you are paired with a broodmare. You have to do foal watch and all of that and learn about the intial training of the babies (under the careful eye of very experienced horse people of course, who "really" train the horses, esp for those who haven't had as much horse experience as others). Then the Behavior and Training class takes the babies on from there and teaches them stuff like lunging, loading, clipping, bathing, densensitizing, etc. Most of the horses aren't broke but most of them are top of the line warmbloods or QH's (and my year a controversial spotted mule- I believe that was the first and last time they did that :D ) Some of the warmbloods go for $15,000-20,000! They're faaaancy!

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