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eventerwannabe 10-14-2009 02:27 PM

Super nervous about the clinic today!
Going to a clinic today, riding big Bear boy in it. I have ridden with my aunt, Kim Mcguire, before, but for some reason I am totally freaked (doesnt help that I am a baby beginner at dressage [so is Bear] and my aunt is a GP dressage rider])! I think I am mostly nervous about my mounting this time. I mean, Bear is perfect for mounting, but I just havent been able to get over my fall off Maddie. I am getting better though! :D

My last ride on Bear was awesome. I did dressage, just walk trot and a tiny bit of canter. He was streching down (which is something that he normally doesnt do) and was using himself alright, better then normal. I will post something in the critique form after I get back from the clinic. I will also post pictures on this thread when I get back.

I have to walk to the clinic with Bear, HA! Its only a five minute walk, if that, but it is raining out. ): I am going to put his fleecey over his saddle and then put a rain sheet over that. Me? I am going to be wearing my new Eous 5 in 1 jacket. It is amazing and keeps me super warm.

I am the first lesson of the day, which is good and bad for me, haha. I am going to stay after my lesson and watch other people ride and video tape for people who want me to. I love watching other peoples lessons, as you can learn soooo much! My old trainer will be there, which is good and bad. We had a super bad falling out this last summer and arent really on speaking terms, so this will be interested. But I am going to just kill her with kindness and just be myself.

So this is my plan for the day:

At 12:00 go out and catch Bear.
From 12:00-12:30ish tack up
From 12:30-12:45 walk to barn and untack Bear
From 12:45-1:30 brush the crap out of Bear as he is a muddy mess as of right now (doesnt help that he is gray...) then tack up again
From 1:30-2:15 get Bear used to the arena and lunge him to warm him up (maybe get on if I can find someone to hold him before Kim gets there)
2:15-3:15 ride in lesson and hope to god everything goes according to plan
3:15-6:00 untack Bear, watch other lessons, and video tape.

Thank god Bear is used to indoor arenas, so he wont flip at the rain hitting the roof.

All of the things I am bringing:

Bear, of course
saddle/leathers/irons/saddle pad
fleecey/neck cover/rain sheet
water bottle
jackets, and lots of 'em
riding boots/breeches/shirt/etc.
GLOVES (I would die without them)
treat for Bear

Anything else I might need? (:

eventerwannabe 10-17-2009 06:31 PM

Well, no one ever replied, but I am going to update this anyways. ;]

The clinic was AWESOME. Bear was just fab and was doing everything on cue. Kim really likes him and says that he is the perfect match for me. She also called him a school master, which is very good to hear. He did lots of transitions, like walk to halt and halt to trot. We also did a lot of bending with him, which was pretty fun. Whenever Bear has to think about what he is doing he closes his eyes, its like he has to really think about it. At the end we did a bit of cantering, which was amazing. We did is so it was halt to walk to trot to canter in one steady motion (which is different then halt to canter). She said that he has a fair chance at being a good dressage horse, but that just depends on if I keep it up with doing dressage, which I will. Right now we are only doing dressage, no jumping, as that will be an awesome start for him before I start to jump him.

Anyways, so im a very proud mama and wish that all of you could have been there to watch! I will post a video after I get back from my dad's place. I didnt get any of the canter work, sadly. ),: But I got a lot of the walk, trot and bending work.

Thank you to all that read! Keep an eye out for my post in the critique form, it should be up this week! (:

eventerwannabe 10-17-2009 06:33 PM

Oh yeah, and some of you may know that I have mounting problems, well my mounting went awesome on the day of the clinic. I put my foot in the stirrup, counted to three, then got on! I was so proud of myself. That is the best I have done since my fall that made me have mounting issues, and that was 6+ months ago!

AussieDaisyGirl 10-17-2009 06:52 PM

That's awesome! Glad you had such a good ride!

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