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TobianoGirl 10-12-2007 03:58 AM

New To

Yes I'm a newbie! I got board and decided to search for a good horse forum and I decided on this one. I'm in my twenties and I'm from Arkansas. I've been around horses practically all my life. I just recently started rescuing horses and It has been very rewarding. I have a new rescue project going on right now. He is a Tennessee Walker and a very spirited boy but, he is warming up :D ! I have 10 horses altogether, 2 cats, 2 dogs, a billion chickens, cows... basically all your farm animals. :) I like to trail ride, swim, canoe, fish, hike, take the dogs for long walks before sunset...etc. I have a twin sister. She helps me with the horses & the dog kennel basically, a really big help! I dunno I guess that's about it. :D

meggymoo 10-12-2007 05:02 PM

:D Hello and welcome to the Horseforum.

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