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CowGirlUp9448 10-16-2009 01:22 AM

Megans journey with her Miniatures :)
So to start off with I no longer own big horses, I sold Rain and bought Mini's. And I can tell you now you can't have just one LOL. I started out with Fortora Farms Grey Arrow. He is a 17 month old silver colt, he will be gelded. I got him in Aug of this year (2009). He is amazingly smart. To smart for his own good at times haha.. Anyway's after owning him for about a month, I knew mini's were for me :) Then on Oct. 9th 2009 (last Friday) I traded Rain for two Mini mares and $400 (I recieved the money).
Sanuye Skys is a 3 year old Paint. She is bred to a 30" Black stud for a Feb '10 foal. So excited and can't wait to see what he/she looks like :D
Silver Belles is a 19 month old grey filly.

When I traded I was told Belles and Sanuye were everything I was looking for pretty much. She said they were broke to lead, Sanuye had been started in driving and that you could pick their feet up, bath them and they trailered. Well needless to say none of that was the complete truth.

I want to start this from the day they arrived off the trailer.

*~*Oct. 9, 2009: The previous owner arrived. Had both the mares loose in the front of a stock trailer. She wanted to go see Rain before we got them off the trailer. So we walked back across the road to see Rain. Of course Rain was EVERYTHING I told her and more. She was thrilled with her. So everything was alright. Keep in mind the night before she told me she had trimed their feet and bathed them.
She opened the trailer and right off I knew something was off. Her husband couldn't "catch" Belles even though she was only standing in the front of the trailer. After about 5 mins of him and her playing "catch the mouse" with Belles they got the leads on both the girls and pretty much dragged them off the trailer. As soon as they stepped off the trailer I was a little heated. Sanuye feet are all grown out, she has no heal and they have started cracking. So much for being trimmed the day before huh? Belles dosen't look much better but they at least look healthy. Sanuye is at a good weight. Belles was a little under weight, not much though.

I wasn't to worried about it though nothing I can't fix. And I know she will take care of Rain as I can check on her all the time. I have it written on a contract..

So for Friday I just let them go. I left breakaway halters on them in case I couldn't catch them.

*~*Oct. 10, 09: Went to feed that morning and guess what? Couldn't catch the little devils Grr :twisted: I was pretty upset as they completly weren't what I was expecting but it's fine now lol I have gotten over it. But with a little grain bribing I was able to catch Sanuye and tie her up (I tie all my horses up while they are eating so each get their right amounts). Belles was a little bit worse. When I tried to catch hold of her halter she would rear up and paw at me. But after a few minutes she quited down. After they ate I left them alone and went to the house. That evening I caught them again to feed, Sanuye walked right up to me. Belles again wasn't so easy. And yet again she reared up.

Hahe just looked up and noticed it was 1:30 am So I will finish this is the AM.. Need to get some sleep :)

bubblegum 10-16-2009 06:28 AM

pics please

CowGirlUp9448 10-16-2009 09:29 AM

Pics :)

BaliDoll 10-16-2009 08:09 PM

how PRECIOUS are they?! omg so cute.. cant wait to see the foal

CowGirlUp9448 10-17-2009 12:57 AM

*~*Oct. 11, 2009: So I gave them Friday and Sat. to settle down a little. By the time Sunday came I was ready to see what they actually knew. Sanuye came to me without the bribing of food for the AM feeding :) I was really excited about that. No change in the way Belles was acting though. After I got her caught (20 minutes after starting) I took her to my round pen and decided I was going to wait her out. I took her halter and lead off and got me a seat in the corner. After 30 minutes she started inching towards me. I had a peppermint in my pocket (Arrow loves them so I always carry them with me), she came about a foot from me and sniffed my hand.. Apparently she didn't like what I hand to offer so she whirled around and tried to kick me. Grrr :evil:
So after another 20 mins and me starting to get "down" about her not showing any interest in me, my older brother came to save the day haha.. He is a horse trainer and reminds me of the horse whisperer (sp?), he felt sorry for me because I was really trying with her and she was being a down right brat about everything..Anyway in the next little bit of time I will be telling about his training methods.. I don't want any rude comment's. To each their own and this is how he does things. He had me catch her (with feed bribing of course) after a 10 minute struggle I got her halter back on. He begin to see what she knew. She is a VERY unsocialized girl and has no manners at all. She tried to kick him a few times, reared up and pawed at him. She was very naughty. Lewis (my brother) was very calm and gentle with her. He scotch hobbled her and laid her down. He then rubbed all over her and messed with her feet and everything. Then he let her up and she was a different horse. Still jumpy and alert be she stood while he picked her feet up and while he walked around her and rubbed her all over. So he told me to come back in and see how she would act with me. Keep in mind she had kicked me on Sat. morning so I was a little more alert around those back feet. The first thing she did when I was rubbing on her was try to bite me!! He told me it was a confidence thing and for me to walk out and back in with more confidence. I did and she did NOTHING. She stood still while I rubbed her and picked her feet up. Then I let her go and got Sanuye. She was the same way.. Wanted to kick and rear up and fell backwards one time she got herself all worked up. She he done the same thing to her and when he let her up, he had a changed horse. I came in and she didn't try anything at all with me. Which she has been my favorite between the two. So I figured that was enough for the day and let her go :)

~I'm not going to go through everyday this week one day at a time but through the week at once. Monday-Thursday no changes. Monday AM I took the halter off Sanuye because she will now come right up to me :) Everyday I worked with them on picking their feet up and letting me rub all over them. I also groomed them everyday :) Belles is still being a brat about being caught~

CowGirlUp9448 10-17-2009 01:01 AM

Had a break threw!
*~*Oct. 16, 2009: Belles walked right up to me and let me catch her this AM!! No feed or nothing, just came up to me. Yay she is finally coming around! Didn't get to do much with them today because of the wheather just fed, groomed, and rubbed lol Tomorrow it is supposed to be a little prettier so I am planning on taking them for a walk. Til tomorrow, everyone have a good night :)

CowGirlUp9448 10-20-2009 07:29 AM

*~*Oct. 20, 2009: Nothing new to tell. Took both girls for a walk. They seemed to enjoy it :) I may place Belles in a new home though. I think she may do better being the only horse. She is making progress but I just feel she would do better alone. In the field she stays to herself and only has anything to do with me when Arrow and Sanuye are tied up. My younger cousin has been looking for a mini so I may see if he would like to give her a home :) That way I could still see her and all :)

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