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SierraSyd 10-18-2009 03:14 PM

New boarder
I wasn't sure where to put this...
I board my horse at a friends house and she has two other horses, they all get along pretty well. Well last week someone ask to board her new horse there and they agreed so it was brought in last monday,
Turns out this is a newbie owner who expects us to teach her everything there is to riding/caring/ect. The barn owner is not going to ask her to take lessons or to leave so I'm stuck with her.
Her horse is a 16 hand 18 year old quarter horse, very skinny and anxious. I heard she is fine riding wise but everywhere else from what I've seen, this horse is uncomfortable with people. So since I'm the trainer in training I get to help both of them.

After a disaster of a lesson, I asked where this horse was from and the owner said "I don't know, the last owner called me and told me to take the horse." Then I asked the barn owner who said the same and that after the owner dropped the horse off, she was gone, literally.

It makes me think the owner was frusterated with the horse, couldn't afford it, or something is wrong with the horse. How can I help build trust back up while keeping myself and my own horse safe?

Audra0729 10-18-2009 07:48 PM

I would have the horse separated, especially while it settles in. Also just start slow, treats and feeding will develop a bond with the horse. Take your time pushing the horse forward, if the horse seems uncomfortable with what you're doing, take a step back to something he/she feels comfortable doing.

The horse knowing you wont push it when it's not ready will make it build trust with you and be more willing and calm.

hope this helps, good luck and be safe!

heyycutter 10-18-2009 08:02 PM

i would kindly recommened a horse trainer or riding instructor you know of personally so you can recomend it to her in a friend-friend style way to not hurt her feelings. id just say, "i know of this awesome trainer ive been working with for a while and i think she could help your horse with gaining confidence" or something along those lines. so this lady can learn how to care for the horse from a profession so the responsibilities are not dumped on you. you have your own horse to care for

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