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reveriesgirly 10-18-2009 09:06 PM

reveries journal (:
Oct - 18

And some of you thought 16 horses where alot . Since i have school i can only get down to reverie on weekends and all days i have off school . But all i can say is thaat what keeps me skinny , Dang mrs sharon (BO)works our butts off ! Theres 69 horses there , only 30 stay in the barn . Theres 12 pastures and its a pain when its your turn to water because you have to drag the hoses all over the farm .

It makes me mad that it has been rain/snowing for the past 3 days and boh of my shows today got cancled . One was a halloween show , where i was going to dress up a little chesnut pony mare up as a spider ans me be a spider witch . i even went out ans bought the synthetic web and fake spiders . then the other show was just a little casual show for schooling purposes since only 6 kids at the barn are outside showers . AND IM ONE OF THEM (: hhaha , any way and next weekend we have one of those annyin pony partys which i could do without . I WISH WE HAD AN INDOOR ARENA . its been nasty for 2 weekends , MEANING I HAVENT BEEN RIDING IN 2 WEEKS . Im getting ready to kill my self , i miss my squikey saddle on a trusty horse ): Any way, i will keep this up to date i promise ! and although weekends are the journals that will be horsie and really interseting (hopefully) bbut ill add some every day about school and how much it sucks .

reveriesgirly 10-19-2009 03:46 PM


today sucked really bad , i found out mrs sharron is selling one of the 08 season foals that i have been working with since he was born , and it sucks because hes leaving this week , which means i dont get to say goodbye ..he started off black with a blanket on his butt . but he roaned out and now hes blue . if he would of stayed at the farm then i was gonna be the one breaking him ... funn (: if she would of told me i would of bought him.......... , i feel like i lost my very own horse ... ive been crying for the last two days and hes not even gone yet ; hes the foal in my avatar .
- jordann .

reveriesgirly 10-20-2009 03:53 PM

Theres not much to right about today , im so mad about jackson leaving .. Thats all i have to say . finally the sun comes out , the days im trrapped in school . more tommorw ,

- jordannn

reveriesgirly 10-21-2009 10:12 PM

The sun was out today , so i went riding , im so dump i got saddle burn haha :D , im really tired , im not that inthusiastic , i cant beleive jackson is leaving , i just want to drop out of school , and move to were hes moving now and live with him forever , I FEEL LIKE IM MISSING A PART OF ME BECAUSE OF THIS . -- sorry that im venting ):

sorry if this is boring , once i get back to being myself hopefully it will get more interesting .

-- jordann

reveriesgirly 10-27-2009 03:26 PM

ughh ; im really sorry t whoever reads this , i havent written in a while. ive been so busy with work at my farm , from halloween horse shows and pony parties , .. and theres this one girl at school , and shes like ewwhh dont go to her house because she has cockroaches . i definentaly do not have them in my house . ! wow shes so fakeeee . it doesnt help she goes out with the guy i like . sorry for ventingg !

reveriesgirly 10-28-2009 05:37 PM

i only know 2 reall people . i hate middle school ! wish i could just go live eaa drama free life at my farmm ;;; ): one good thing is that that the guy i like likes meeee backk(: . cant wait until this summer ! haaha, i know its along way away , but we aare ggoing to florida with 4h (:

reveriesgirly 11-02-2009 05:07 PM

hey guys . who listens to boys like girls ? ;; well who listens to music ? haha , whats your favorite song . ? IM SO HAPPY !!! theres this horse at my barn named sage * and shes a resue , but im going to start riding her ! shes the most amazing mare ever . (: except she HATES bending . and she doesnt like to check at the canter , she likes to GO GO GO GOG GOOGOGOGOG * -- im really sorry if this is boring /:

ChevyPrincess 11-02-2009 05:50 PM

That's neat =] I didn't know if your question was rhetorical or not :/ but my favorite song, this really tough to decide, okay, my favorite song this moment in time is, "Heartland" by George Strait. =]

reveriesgirly 11-03-2009 03:53 PM

its theretical <-- or however you spell it ! (: * schhoool today was boring but when i was little i went out with this boy named cord . * you can laughhh ! :) but i misss him and now hes moving backk !

reveriesgirly 11-03-2009 03:53 PM

ahh ! i ment rhitorical ! -- ; ; i have alot on my mind .

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