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Feenat 03-23-2014 08:25 PM

Several ex lesson horses for sale. Hawley PA
The barn I work for has closed it's lesson program, and we have several lovelies looking for new homes asap. Please PM me if you are interested or would like more info! Can get video upon request. All of these horses really need their own human. They have been in programs or on the track (Julie) They really appreciate individual attention. These 3 are all good with other horses, though Travis is at the top of the herd.

#1 - Travis - $2,000

Travis is an 11 year old grey gelding. Aprox 14-3.
He does walk, trot, canter. Knows his leads, and is green over fences. We have him jumping 2 ft.
He is very sweet, wonderful ground manners, stands easily for farrier and vet etc. He's a real people horse! Has to be part of everything :)

He does have some quirks. I would recommend him for an intermediate or advanced rider. Mainly he just loses patience after about 45 minutes of riding and gets uppity. I feel this could easily be remedied with daily work and patience. Right now he's only ridden a couple of times a month! He's very smart, catches new ideas quickly.
Travis has never been ridden with a bit.
He really is a lovely boy though!!

#2 - Julian $1200
Julie is a 6 year old black TB. Stands 16-1. Off the track last year. No dashing! As a matter of fact he tends to be lazy.We hoped to train him up for a lesson horse, but the program was cut not long after we got him.
We have had kids on him. He has been ridden around dogs.
He does walk, trot, canter. Knows his leads, leg yields etc. We have jumped him. He does pretty well, but he is definitely green! And definitely a TB haha
He stands for farrier etc. Does hate cross ties. He's a spirited boy who also needs a more experienced rider, but definitely has potential.

#3 Cleo $1500

Cleo is a 9 y/o registered paint mare. She stands 15-2 and has been a lesson horse for the past 2 years. She does very well with all the basics. She ends up everyone's first favorite horse at the barn.
She is a cribber, and can be a bit spooky - but her spooks aren't dramatic.
She is very sweet! She has been used in parades and was doing shows last summer (Western and English pleasure) I would say Cleo is fine for an advanced beginner or even a beginner with proper guidance.

Feenat 03-23-2014 08:45 PM

Also noting that all are completely sound and have no medical issues.

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