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NordicJuniper 10-19-2009 01:56 AM

First look at Wasim.
So Wasim was a lesson horse that I rode for three years. I started riding him when he was 20 and rode him up until he turned 23. He was a champion dressage horse in his day and a good jumper as well but I only did basic english riding on him. Wasim is now 25 and has cushings disease, he has been fully retired after being nearly run into the ground after I left.

The trainer at the place he was kept was emotionally abusive. It didn't start that way and he was always "great" around my parents but he was really mentally and emotionally mean to me when no one was around. He told me I would never jump, never gallop, never ride bareback, etc. All of which I now do with Junior.

Anyway Wasim was really special to me and I wish I could have taken him to live out his days with me! He was a 14.2hh pure Crabbit Arabian gelding. Gorgeous in his own way! And a real sweetheart.

Anyway here is a video that I just made, comments please!!

charlene1985 10-20-2009 11:56 AM

what a cute video junior looks like a good match for you

NordicJuniper 10-22-2009 03:35 PM

Yeah me and Junior are great together, I trust him with my life.

I miss Wasim, even though him and I were good together I knew that I wasn't going where I wanted to with him. I have always dreamed of jumping and I had to move onto Junior to do that.

I am glad I did. I miss Wasim everyday, but it was a good decision in the end to leave.

ChevyPrincess 10-23-2009 02:45 PM

Yes, that is a very hard thing to do. I had to sell my old gelding I had for 5 years, as, he would never be what I needed. My instructor said so. I knew it, I just couldn't bare to think about things without him. Then finally, he did what everyone said, he was very stubborn, and he began backing up, and threw himself over on me. But I had him for 5 years, he was my first horse! I was tore, so was he, we lost trust in us, in everything.

Now, I have a new horse. He is amazing, and with him, I can accomplish great things, things I never could with Toby.

I feel for you, but good descion making. =]

* very touching video! I love it! The second part and first part are so emotional! Good job. I love country music, but those songs are actually good.

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