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NordicJuniper 10-19-2009 10:57 PM

So I really want to get into eventing, I know I need a safety vest, a helmet and such. So I want suggestions on these.

Safety Vest:
Ladies' Intec Flex-Rider Body Protector* - Dover Saddlery.

International Air-Lite Sport Helmet -

I don't have a bunch of money to spend, I have to pay for it on my own. So I don't want opinions on how I need to spend a bunch of money on a helmet. Yes I know it is better to but I CAN'T afford it.

Also I hairline fractured my wrist a while ago and I have severe tendonitis in it, my tendons don't support my wrist hardly at all, so if I fall and land on it there is no doubt in my mind that it will break.

Do they allow you to wear a wrist brace in eventing? Just XC and Stadium.

Wrist brace: Mueller: Fitted Left Wrist Maximum Support Brace, 1 pk: Home Medical
or Wellgate For Women: Womens Slimfit Left Hand Wrist Support, 1 ct: Home Medical

ridergirl23 10-19-2009 11:12 PM

i think the helmet is fine, as long as it is apporved then it is just as good as the rest! i dont knowmuch about the body cover thing tho..... ive never actually worn one, mind you ive only ever jumped random logs with my horse, ive never actually evented.

i think if you explained to the judges or the person running the show that you need to wear a wrist brace (maybe get a doctor to write a note or something) then im pretty sure they would let you. have fun!

gypsygirl 10-19-2009 11:32 PM

i think the brace would be okay...ive seen ppl wearing them at events before. might want to call the show organizer & make sure though !

as for the vest, it looks great. anything that is ASTM-SEI certified is good, if its not certified DONT GET IT ! but that one is =]

one last thing...eventing is the best ! =D

hiwaythreetwenty 10-20-2009 07:58 AM

The vest and helmet are fine there shouldn't be a reason that you can't wear the wrist band at least for the show jumping and cross country. I would also take a look at ebay or contact your local pony club to see if anyone has some used things you could purchase. Sometimes their kids outgrow helmets and vests and they will sell them - worth a shot. You will also need a medical armband these are normally around $10 through bit of britain or USEA. You will then need to print the emergency info off the usea website The other important thing to be sure of is that your equipment is safe and in goodworking order. Where are you from? Where I live in northwestern pa just over in ohio they have a mini event series that are great learning experiences filled with people that love to lend a hand and help you get a positive start in eventing. They are run just like a recognized event but are much cheaper. Good luck and as always have fun.

EventinginMI 10-22-2009 08:45 AM

I think that vest should work just fine, yeah, Intec has a very good name in vests, and the flex rider, especially made for a female form, will suit you much better than a tip or any vest of that kind.

I like that brand of helmets, as well- they aren't the most expensive, but I've taken a few serious falls in them, and they have protected my noggin just fine. As with any helmet, it should be new, and if you fall off in it, REPLACE IT. =]

The wrist brace should be just fine, and if someone asks, just explain. Besides, your coat in Dressage and SJ would cover it, and everyone knows, the more protection in XC, the better!

Good luck and happy eventing. =]

One more thing...
is the helmet I have- I've gotten... three of them now. They are inexpensive, but they've protected me very well- hence I get one again and again! =]

NordicJuniper 10-22-2009 03:33 PM

Thanks guys! I think I am going to get that helmet and vest, they are the nicest I have been able to find that I can afford.

As for the wrist brace, I am getting a memory foam one since I have to wear it almost 24/7 now, my wrist has gotten worse and it popping in and out of place now :( so I wanna get a comfy one :)

Again thanks so much for input everyone!!

MIEventer 10-22-2009 08:26 PM

There is absolutely no reason what-so-ever that you could not wear a wrist brace.

If you need it, then use it. No one will ask you to remove it, nor can you get disquallified for having it on.

The vest, absolutely. I hvae that vest and I love it. Yes, it is ASTM approved and meets BETA level 3 standards of protection.

Do not get any vest that is not ASTM approved nor certified. The Tipperary vests that you see that are quite popular, are NOT certified nor approved. I wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole.

The helmet, there is nothing wrong with it. I see alot riding in that model of helmet and it works fine. So long as your equiment is ASTM approved, you're good to go.

Remember, no type of equipment out there will protect you from any sort of fall that can happen out on the CC course. Anything can happen out there while on course, but the equipement you choose to put on your body, shoud beable to help protect you from severities that could happen to you.

Eventingismylife 11-05-2009 02:38 AM

Yep that stuff is all fine to use. Just remember with helmets that to never buy one used, because it can have damage to it that you can not see under the shell. As for a vest I would look for one through a local pony club- thats how I found mine, only used a handful of times and very cheap. Good luck!

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