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huntandjump 10-20-2009 01:54 PM

The saddle just won't fit right. Help?
Okay, so I recently started riding this awesome horse named Rockstar(: I love him to pieces, only there's one issue.
I think my saddle doesn't fit him right.
When I was first riding him, I just thought he had an awkward trot. It was really long strided and I felt like I couldn't get my legs around him quite right. This was causing me to grip with my knees and make my position look really awful. It's gotten to the point where my knees ache after riding. Definitely a sign, ahah.
My trainer was warming him up in my tack at the show just this past weekend and was saying how awkward his trot felt. He was saying "Oh, no wonder you grip with your knees. His trot feels awful in this saddle. I didn't even notice in mine!" Weird thing? We both have the same saddles. Pessoa Gen X, the recently discontinued kind. His is a lot older than mine. But we both have normal trees in our saddles, same triangle knee rolls and everything.
Rockstar is REALLY uphill, he's a Swedish Warmblood and I already use a schooling pad and a gel pad on him. My saddle always slides back and I usually have to undo the girth and adjust it several times. I used to ride a horse with really high withers and I would use a gel pad, fleece pad, and schooling pad to build him up and keep my saddle from sliding back so much. Would this work on Rocky? Or maybe a breast collar? Or is my saddle just not right for him at all? I'm honestly not sure of what to do. And I need help fast! My Equitation Finals are in two weeks and if I can't stop riding so awkwardly I have no hope of doing well.
Thank you for your time(:

Vidaloco 10-20-2009 08:44 PM

Its difficult to say. If your instructor is riding in the same saddle just different ages, it may be in the flocking. His may be more broke in and the underside padding has broken down in the right spots a bit more. If you have a saddle maker near-by they can re-arrange the stuffing in an English saddle. Otherwise just pad it up and or use a breast collar to keep it in place for your show.

Kayty 10-20-2009 09:19 PM

Get a certified saddler to take a look at the fit of it on the horse. Padding it up is only a temporary solution, the saddle still doesn't fit and if you ride him in it a few times a week he is going to get sore.

luvs2ride1979 10-21-2009 01:04 PM

We need pictures. Take pictures with the saddle only (no pads, lightly girthed) then with your current pads. Take a side shot, a rear shot (stand on a stool if you need to), and a 3/4 front angle showing the whole shoulder and how the saddle lays against it.

You could be putting the saddle too far forward, or your flocking/foam could be in need of repair, or your trainer's saddle tree could have spread and fits wider than your tree.

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