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pmclamb 10-20-2009 10:55 PM

The Black Stallion
Ok so I have been making my way through all the popular horse movies because I have major horse fever. I had watched a few of them as a kid, but I figured watching them now would provide an enlightening experience.

Now I am not one that is typically bothered by far fetched movies, but I could only watch a little over an hour of The Black Stallion. I loved looking at the horse and seeing things I would have never looked at before (it's interesting to look at his ears when he's on the beach first letting the kid near him, one of them always seems to be pointed off the screen to the side, perhaps listening to a trainer). I had such a problem with the logistics and details of the movie though.

1) The kid sleeps on the beach for days, you see him waking up in the sand at least twice, and he doesn't get a sunburn or even a tan!
2)However hard it might be, a kid his age could possibly survive on an island like that, but there is no grass or food of any sort in sight for that horse. It's such a barren island, that horse would not have lived long there. The kid would have had to get him hundreds of pounds of seaweed, and who knows how great salty seaweed is for a horse. He also didn't have any water to drink, salt water would kill the horse easily.
3)Really? The horse lived in the kids backyard when he got home, that grass would have been gone in 2 days.
4)When the horse broke out of the kids backyard, he chased him for MILES! He ended up walking to some random rural area which seemed to be a vast distance from his town, and of course his mom isn't looking for him or anything of the sort.
5)I turned it off when they started "training" the horse. It was the most spastic looking longe line session and they are jumping all over a bucking horse trying to throw a saddle on him. Honestly, couldn't they have shown them getting him used to a saddle and putting it on a calm horse to make it more realistic.

I realize I am being a major stickler and a bit of a debbie downer when it comes to the movie, normally things like that wouldn't bother me. I didn't really like the movie which I imagine puts me in the minority here. But the horse was gorgeous, and I loved watching him run!

farmpony84 10-20-2009 10:59 PM

...I liked the series.... it was cool....

LadyDreamer 10-20-2009 11:27 PM

1979. Times were a lot different. My boss was telling me how he would walk home 13 miles from school after football practice, 5 miles for his job of mowing lawns and his favorite passtime was pretending to be a hobo on the trains and all sorts of things that would be unspeakable now. I love listening to my boss.

Watch the Music Man. Mariane asks her 8 year old brother to run down to the post office to pick up a letter.

You should read the books. They are fantastical. The movie is not as good as the books, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. It is one of my favorites.

Just wait until the Black Stallion Returns when Alec saves the black from an evil clan after he was stolen from Abu Ben Ishak and then rides him in the sacred race. :D Love those movies. When I was little, Alec Ramsey was my hero.

I like them a LOT better than the crap horse movies they are making now. Flicka made me want to gouge my eyes out.

RadHenry09 10-20-2009 11:35 PM

I also enjoyed the books , I had a lot of them from the series when I was a kid. I wish I would have collected all of them but I still have the ones that I read years ago . I am hoping that my daughter may take an interest in them at some point.

I know that the movie does seemed kinda far fetched but it is a movie, I am sure riding the Black bareback/bridle less on the beach was a fantasy for a lot of little kids that watched that movie.
I do have to say that it is one of my favorite movies , I also like Return of the Black Stallion and The Son of the Black stallion movies as well.

pmclamb 10-20-2009 11:37 PM

I had no choice but to like Flicka, that's my horse's name and she is a sweetie. There really was no choice in the matter or she wouldn't speak to me for a week.

RadHenry09 10-20-2009 11:39 PM

I liked Flicka , the older one and the newer one .....ok , I admit it I am a sucker for horse movies

kiwigirl 10-21-2009 12:04 AM

Did you also happen to notice that the Black "Stallion" was a mare! So yeah, they got a few things wrong in that movie. I read most of the Black Stallion series when I was a kid, infact I still have them. I loved them when I was young but I must admit these days I do find a few holes in them. My all time favourite horse books were written by an Australian author, Elyne Mitchell. She wrote the Silver Brumby series. I loved those books and as a guilty pleasure I still sit down and read one occassionally.

smrobs 10-21-2009 01:13 AM

Hey, that's hollywood for you. In every movie they make with horses, even the "historical" ones, anyone with any horse sense at all can pick it to pieces. Take any old cowboy movie. How many real cowboys would have ridden a horse that was prancy and had zero stop? None. Not many horses from those days would act like that anyway unless they had been treated ruthlessly. My grandad told me one time how they got their horses really broke really fast. He said "Well, we would get up at about 4 am and saddle them. Then ride 15 or 20 miles to the neighbor's ranch we were working at that day, then work cattle on them until nearly dark. After that, we would ride them 15 or 20 miles home just to do it again for the other neighbor tomorrow." Nothing about most horse movies is realistic, just "hollywoodized" to make what they deem an entertaining movie.

No one would have wanted to watch the movie if it was realistic. The boy and horse are rescued only days after being marooned, boy is skinny and blistered and looks like a malnourished lobster. Horse is dull, bony, and lethargic with matted mane and tail. Even after months of recouperation for both, boy ends up with a broken neck trying to break a spirited stallion. I would skip that movie and book both. LOL.

Speed Racer 10-21-2009 10:51 AM

Actually, The Black Stallion wasn't as bad as some horse movies I've seen.

I thought Flicka was atrocious. It took everything I had not to blow raspberries at the TV screen while watching it, because the friend who rented it thought it was great. Blech.

Racing Stripes was beyond stupid, but it was fantasy, so I was okay with it.

Besides, if you want reality, you're certainly not going to find it in movies. Don't we watch movies in order to escape the mundane?

I actually met the stars of The Black Stallion years ago. Yes, I'm that old.

I wasn't really interested in Kelly Reno, but Cass Ole was there at the top of my list of horses to meet in my lifetime. They used 7 or 8 horses in that movie, and they were either geldings or stallions. Cass Ole was the actual star though, and did most of the scenes.

Whoever said they used a filly is incorrect. In The Young Black Stallion they used a filly for some of the foal scenes, but not the original movie.

My favorite movie is In Pursuit of Honor, and is based on the last cavalry remount unit of the U.S. Army. It's not a happy movie per se, but has a pretty good ending.

mls 10-21-2009 11:04 AM

Hey Speedracer! From TLB?


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