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lexxwolfen 10-22-2009 10:47 PM

Horse Terminology... Simplified
Event Prospect = Big Fast Horse
Dressage Prospect = Big Slow Horse
Hack Prospect = Pretty Color
Sporting Prospect = Short Fast Horse
Camp Prospect = Fast Horse which can turn
Endurance Prospect = Fast Horse which will turn sometimes
Flashy = White Socks
Attractive = Bay
15.2hh = 14.3hhh
16.2hh = 15.3hh
To Loving Home = Only Expensive
To Show Home Only = Very Expensive
Needs Experienced Rider = Potentially Lethal
Elegant = Thin
In Good Condition = Foundered
Free Moving = Bolts
Quiet = Lame in Both Front Legs
Dead Quiet = Lame in All Four Legs
Good in Traffic (Bombproof) = Lame all Round, Deaf and Blind
Loves Children = Kicks and Bites
Pony Type = Small and Hairy
Arab Type = Looks startled
TB Type = Looks Terrified
Quarter Horse Type = Fat
Warmblood Type = Big and Hairy
Draught Type = Big and Exceedingly Hairy
Easy to Catch = Very Old
Must Sell = Wife has left home and taking kids
All Offers Considered = I am in Traction for 6 months
Reluctant = Sale Comes with Title Deeds to Sydney Harbor Bridge

mom2pride 10-22-2009 11:08 PM

Thanks for the laugh tonight...Lol!!!! :D

xxBarry Godden 10-23-2009 11:32 AM

Lovely! and Oh so true.

I personally reckon the chance of buying the right horse - even if you have some experience of horses, is no better than 50/50 - ie heads or tails.

Wait a minute. In theory that might suggest that if the horse had been docked - then the odds would improve. Although I am still not sure about the odds improving above 50/50.

So - would it be better if it did not have a tail? - probably not! All live horses have a tail at one end or another. The other end is for the head.

So would the odds improve if the horse had two tails - one at each end? - probably not - it needs one head.

What about two heads? No sorry - the rider can only face one direction at a time.

What about no head and no tail? - well which end would be the front end and which way the back end? If you got it wrong then one way you'd get bitten - the other way you'd get kicked!

Would one buy a headless horse??????? No, it has got to eat.

Which brings us back to where we started. Don't ever readily believe the words printed on a sales advert for a horse. As Lex says so eloquently, they can be misleading.
Check out all details given for yourself.


Jillyann 10-23-2009 11:35 AM

HAHAHA. So funny!

Easy to catch=OLD. =))

luvmyperch 10-23-2009 11:43 AM

OMG! That's too funny...

BaliDoll 10-30-2009 01:25 AM

QH = Fat made me laugh so hard lol

LeahKathleen 10-30-2009 01:41 AM

Oh wow. That's hilarious.

And oh so true.

I love "experience rider only = potentially lethal."

kevinshorses 10-30-2009 01:43 AM

You forgot "good mountain horse= doesn't turn or back up but might follow another horse."

LeahKathleen 10-30-2009 01:46 AM

She also forgot, "Would be easy to train = never been handled" as well as "Needs finishing = halter broke."

Annaland13 10-30-2009 02:16 AM

Hahahaha that's so true.

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