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Saskia 10-23-2009 09:49 PM

University decsion advice (Australia)
So I am currently studying in New Zealand (Otago) and last semester I studied in Australia (ANU) but I miss Aus so much so I am going back in November, and attending another university next year.

I just go two offers to two of the universities that I was most serious about. Now I can't decide where to go. Semester doesn't start until early March, but because of accommodation offers I have to decide pretty soon where I want to go, and pay accommodation acceptance fees which are non refundable. So I was wondering if some people could give me their advice where to go. I'll just list the attributes of each uni:

University of New England - Armidale: Good graduate satisfaction reviews, affordable housing, town: 20,000 pop, five or six hours north of Sydney but the train is pretty cheap for visiting some family, interesting courses such as criminology and a more practical English. Overall pretty affordable to live

University of Wollongong - Wollongong: Also good grad satisfaction, although I think that UNE is slightly higher, not as affordable, better ranked university, coastal town, Wollongong: 285,000 pop, more subject and lots more unit options. Can get quite hot (negative) and there are cockroaches (I don't like them). Much larger university. About 1 hour south of Sydney and about 3 or so hours north east of Canberra (where my dad lives).

So I can't decide where to go. I could go to "better" universities (I am still enrolled in ANU) but all of them are in places I don't want to live, like Sydney. I really don't want to live in a big city again, I severely dislike living in them, which was why Armidale seemed so appealing, being nice and small. I am worried that it will be too small though, as I have never lived anywhere like that. Wollongong is also a sort of an industrial/surfy type of place, and I am concerned that there won't be many people that I get along with, because I am more sort of liberal arts orientated, and I don't drink or swim. But I think the ocean is pretty.

I plan on leasing a horse while at uni next year, and I would have to travel more to get to the horse in Wollongong, and it will probably cost a bit more for agistment, but I think it will still be affordable.

What do people think? I am completely torn, I'm not really leaning to either one more than the other.

wild_spot 10-23-2009 09:54 PM

I would go Armidale. There are lots of horse facilities, as NEGS is located there. Have heard good things.

Becca93 10-24-2009 03:14 AM

Armidale is a reaaally small town but it has some really great facilities for horses etc. Try the Bored(spell it like that) of Studies forum and check out their university sections. It has some great information about the courses and people who study there etc.

lizzie_magic 10-24-2009 03:18 AM

I'd go to Armidale, the university is really nice and they have lots of accommodation available, it will also probebly be cheaper and everyone at the university is really friendly. (I went to an open day there)

ThatNinjaHorse 10-24-2009 07:32 AM

LOL this thread is funny!
I live in armidale, and am a NEGS student...well for the next two weeks anyway! and have applied to UNE, one of the courses being criminology.
When i was looking at UNI's i did like wollongong, although ive never been to the UNI, just thought id like it better than the others, the atmosphere i guess. However none of their courses really interested me that much.

Its a tough one, what were you wanting to study?

UNE is a good UNI so i've been told, small town, gets really cold here! Im thinking there would be heaps more agistment options in Wollongong though, i havnt heard of much around here. But we have a few good top instructors. If your wanting to compete its a pretty good area for that, especially being close to the new centre in Tamworth.

Like Becca said, the forum on is a good site, there are students from the uni's you could talk to.

Good luck!

Saskia 10-24-2009 10:08 AM

Yeah I'm a member on the Bored of Studies but it doesn't really give me a good idea of each. I haven't been to Armidale - I was thinking that I would go up there maybe around Christmas, just to check it out, but its pretty annoying because of lack of car etc.

I'm studying a Bachelor of Arts, probably majoring in Sociology, or Gender studies, or something else, i'm pretty vague on my future. I liked that Armidale has Criminology, which sort of compliments sociology in a degree, but I find that across the board it lacks a variety of units. Like where Wollongong has about 10 second year units within each major for the year, UNE has maybe four or so, which doesn't sound too important but it kind of is if the four aren't really that great.

ThatNinjaHorse - Wollongong Uni is really nice. I went for a campus tour in 2008 and its very nice, good campus and I think the facilities, accommodation etc. are pretty good in comparison to most universities. Surprisingly there isn't much horse stuff, from what I could find out there are a few agistment places, but all are at least 30km out of the city, and all about $70+ a week for a paddock of some description. Still, much cheaper than Sydney. If you decide against UNE its worth considering.

Part of me wishes that I didn't get these early offers. Then I could sit back and wait until January to decide my future. At least I am not so stressed about this semester's exams though.

I really like the idea of Armidale, you know, a semi small town out in Northern(ish) NSW. The pictures look nice. I kind of imagine myself becoming a sort of country person, and like learning to whistle and wear hats. I like hats. Does it feel like a country town at all? Searching the web I have found that there are very few agistment places or anything, even with like a yellow pages search. Is there really that few or are they just not really advertised? Does anyone know what the agistment average cost would be, just for a paddock maybe with an arena? Just if anyone knows.

I'm kind of thinking that for me Wollongong would be a better university to go to, but Armidale would be a better place to live, and just seems nicer. I wish I could just mix and match.

wild_spot 10-25-2009 04:20 AM


$70+ a week for a paddock of some description
Holy moly! Come to Canberra, it's only $20 a week!

ThatNinjaHorse 10-25-2009 10:05 PM

There are a few paddocks rented out here and there, i dont imagine you would find anything with an arena though and often there wouldnt be anyone to keep an eye on your horse. Sometimes in the local papers they have blocks of land advertised. But thats about it really. I have heard of one place north of Armidale that i think does offer proper horse agistment facillities but i know nothing about it, not sure if its even still running. I think negs does offer agistment to people other than students, and it has great facillities, but obviously first preference goes to students so you may not be guaranteed a place.
My parents have horses on agistment at $15 per horse, theres enough feed to last all year round, however the fences arnt that great, and theres no where thats really suitable for riding, that would give you some idea of prices. $70? wow! :shock:
To me Armidale doesnt seem that country, but ive never lived in the city so maybe comming from there it may be :lol:

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