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eventerwannabe 10-25-2009 01:07 PM

Most embarassing thing to happen to you at a show
I had something pretty embarassing happen to me at my last show, but mine was BAD... I mean BAD. I might share mine, but I want to wait until after I hear a few of yours, as I was almost in tears when I found out about mine... And I got video of it too.... Mine wasnt just a fall, much worse.

Anyway, so lets all share our horror stories!

No I didnt show Bear yesterday, so I did two western classes on my western trainers mare. Fot 1st in eq. (which was my emarassing class) and 3rd in my pleasure as she was being a speed freak, hehe. It was all fun though, but that was the point, schooling show.

So guess what..? I got on all by myself, no one near my at all and it only took me about 10 seconds, if that! :D

ilovestitch 10-25-2009 03:37 PM

I was 13 and it was my very first time in the show ring with my yearling baby. It was at my county fair in the outdoor arena. It had started to rain in the morning and i showed about 11am so by the time it was my turn in the arena i was SO nervous being my first show and the rain just added to it and my yearling was being an idiot in the rain. I was ground driving him in the ring in the rain and all of a sudden he laid down and rolled in the muddy arena and tangled my ground driving lines around all of his legs and it had looped over his neck too! I HAD NOT PREPARED FOR THIS! I was mortified! I had no idea what to do and i was so scared the judge was going to yell at me. I dint know what to do, i walked up to him after he stood up and started to untangle my lines rom his legs andhe just thought this was the funnest thing and he thought it was play time, so he took off to the end of the lines and he was kicking up his legs and rearing and he just thought he was the cutest thing ever. The judge was really nice about it but that was my very first showing experience and i was horrified and i never wanted to show again. Of course i did. But thats my horror story.

BaliDoll 10-25-2009 04:05 PM

hahaha awww!

I'm trying to think of something for me, but I honestly can't think of anything that mortifying. Although when I was 13 I was in a trail class, and I thought this was mortifying, lol....

You were suppose to lope over to this bale of hay, get off, put a costume on, and get back on and do your pattern with the costume. Well I did alright, trail always flustered me when I was younger, so when I went to put the costume back, I put everything back and was soooo happy cause we had done pretty well and I get back on and lope off all proud- WHOLE AUDIENCE, i swear, goes.. "YOUR HAT!!!!" and I was like totally embarrassed and felt liek I was wasting the judges time cause I had to go back and get my hat off the hay bales...

Not really too bad but I was embarrassed at the time... more cute/funny now though! heehee

xLaurenOscarx 10-25-2009 06:08 PM

i was warming up for a showjumping contest out in a field. i was about 9 at the time. the pony i was on took off on me and super jumped a bunch of branches and i fell off. i ended up going in2 the ring with grass stains on my lovely white jods lol.

also when i was about 9 i was riding the toughest pony to ride at a show at my riding school ( i love riding the horses noone else wants to ride:)) and he stopped at every single jump. i fell off about 3 r 4 times but i kept getting back up determined to finish the course:D i finished it in the end:D

also at a show i was riding the pony who was infamous for never wanting to jump. i decided i was going 2 jump him so i went in and he refused the 1st jump so i spun him round and kicked him into it and he jumped gorgeously:D then headed for the 2nd one and he put a dirty stop in and did a huuge buck and catapulted me into the cup.... never in my life was i ever in too much pain that i couldnt get back on the horse. thats saying something as my horse fell on me before, ive been kicked as ive fallen, ive been dragged, bein thrown into the fence, been thrown on the jump.

IheartPheobe 10-25-2009 06:48 PM

ahh I have a couple. Maybe today at the show when we jumped the WRONG jump? Haha. The course was to go around the outside once, then do the one line again, and then the inside line. so we made too tight a turn to the inside and ended up at the first jump in the closest outside line. lol. being the honest boy he is, zuzu jumped that one. haha. <3
or maybe when rowdy bucked and took off because he didn't particulary enjoy having a little mare up his butt? and didn't stop for like ten minutes? but then wouldn't canter later? gotta love him. . .:P
just a little funny: i once walked around a show @ elkrun with a chicken leg in my hand for like an hour. I was hungry and couldn't find a trashcan. xD

eventerwannabe 10-25-2009 08:09 PM

Alright guys... You ready for this?

So yesterday was my first show in a couple of months and it was only my second time riding the horse I was showing. I was also showing western, which was my second time ever doing. So I went in to my beginner 2 gate eq. class, and of course no one told me this before my class or during warm up, but my pants had slipped down a little and my shirt was riding up. So I went into my class feeling confident and ready to do my best and hopefully win. By the end of the class people were giggling at me and the judge walked up to me to give me my comments, her only comment was, "Haha, hunny, you really need to do something about that shirt of yours. You were flassing us the entire class." I almost started crying. And it gets even better, MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY WERE LAUGHING AT ME! Oh and get this, it's on video... I might post a picture if I really feel like it. ;] Anyways, and the entire day my dad was making fun of me for it and he knew it was upsetting me really bad.

So that is my horror story. I do have another one, but I will share that after I hear a few more.

Great stories everyone!

MIEventer 10-25-2009 08:21 PM

I have 2.



When I was doing Flat Shows, years ago, before I found out how monotonous they were - I was in a Road Hack class or English Pleasure or what have you - cannot remember exactly...I just remember walk,trot,canter in one direction in a big circle and repeating in the opposite direction.

I had to fart really bad. I thought while we were all doing our Posting Trot, I would let it seep out quietly. So I started to let my ass pass the gas - but it wasnt was so loud.

It was so loud, I scared the crap out of my horse.

I think I scared other horses around me too - not quite sure. I tried to keep my head down aftarwards.


I was at our annual Pony Club Championships and we were doing the Stadium Jumping phase.

Of course, the course designer had to set up a fan jump. Have I ever ridden a fan jump? Nope. Especially not one so brightly painted in loud colors - I think it was red and orange. Or was it orange and yellow?

Anyways, it was bright.

Instead of me sitting deep and driving my horse over the fence, I stared at the blood thing instead. Dropped my horse - resulting in him stopping, and me continuing on forward.

I ate dirt, on the other side of the fence. I somehow managed to hold onto the reins????

Anyways, the announcer said "Contrats number *cannot remember* you made it over the fence. Next time, try doing it with your horse"

Everyone started to laugh.

How emberassing.

kchfuller 10-25-2009 08:48 PM

when i was about 10 i was at my first show and we were sitting watching the other classes and my horse was in his stall. well all of the sudden over the loud speaker they announce "someones gray horse is out wandering on the grass grazing" ... i turned around and yep that was my horse. He has opened his stall and let him self out to a snack. Lol ... i was so nervous that day but Adam was cool as a cucumber :D

sunshineo0o 10-25-2009 08:51 PM

I was about 12 years old when I was at a show and it was raining and really muddy. It was my turn to enter the ring and jump the course and when I was going over the last jump my pony slipped and fell and we both went sliding in the mud while everyone was in for the rest of the show, my brand new white show shirt was covered in well as my pony...luckily nobody was hurt but I was so embarrassed.

kchfuller 10-25-2009 09:06 PM

MIE #1 is great lol!

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