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Trails 10-27-2009 10:32 AM

My Horse Hauler
I finally got around to doing a review on my truck. It's only the second new, off the lot, vehicle I've ever bought (I've always been a big fan of letting someone else take the depreciation hit!)

A year ago, fall 2008, I took the plunge and bought a Ford F350 Diesel and so far, knock on wood, it's been great. She sucks up the fuel but boy soes she pull. Not a drag nor a whimper when we're heading into Washington's high country with a loaded horse trailer behind us.

Click HERE for the full review

Jillyann 10-27-2009 10:35 AM

I loveee big trucks! =D Very nice!

ChevyPrincess 10-27-2009 01:12 PM

Wow, I have never done a reveiw before. i should =]

But yes, very nice truck!

ogledrillrider02 11-03-2009 09:19 PM

I loveee Fords!

spence 12-11-2009 12:19 PM

from a ford man, very nice. wish we had the cash to spring on a 6.4 before the new 6.7 comes out and there's no more manual trannys...

what did you have before? many like to bash the 6.0, but dangit, i love mine. took me cross country several times safely, never whimpers with the trailer, and kept me safe through a deer and cow/calf incident.

what kind of mileage you get out of it? hear lots of across the board numbers due to the DPF (just remember lots of idling will cause more active regens and suck more fuel, too...)

sillybunny11486 12-11-2009 12:31 PM


One of my biggest problem is finding a truck to match the trailer lol. When I went truck hunting in March I couldnt find a white truck anywere!!

spence 12-11-2009 12:35 PM

that's b/c nobody wants white anymore! i prefer it b/c it stays cool in the summer and doesn't show dirt as bad...

Mingiz 12-12-2009 08:38 PM

Nice truck!!! I also have a Ford. Mine is an 06 F250 ext cab 6.0 diesel. So far I have had no issues with it and it handles my trailer fine. I pull around 16mpg around town and towing fully loaded about 12. This is the only pic I have of it Not very good..That's my trailer behind it I was camping in Va.

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