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EventingIsLovee 10-27-2009 06:50 PM

New Saddle- Dressage or Jumping?
Okay, I'm in quite a dilemma. I am getting a new saddle for Christmas, but the problem is, should it be dressage or jumping?

I have a jumper saddle already, but no dressage saddle. I do eventing and there are leg blocks behind the leg of my saddle, making it hard for me to put my leg in the correct position for flat work. Also, the saddle needs a repair on the left side of the tree, and without it, I wouldn't be able to sell it for enough to get a new jumping saddle. The last problem with this saddle is that I don't know if it fits my horse well enough. I know his back used to be very sensitive and it seemed to hurt him quite a bit, so I started using a half pad. Recently, I stopped using the half pad and his back seems fine. He used to be out of work before i started riding him and using him in this saddle, so I wonder if his back muscles have developed, resulting in the saddle fitting him a lot better?

So, all in all-

If I get a new jumping saddle without leg blocks:
-Better leg position for flat work
-Better fitting saddle
-No dressage saddle

If I get a dressage saddle:
-Better dressage position overall
-Good fitting saddle
-I'll have both a dressage AND jumping saddle

Pleaseee tell me what you think I should do!!

kitten_Val 10-27-2009 10:44 PM

You won't be able to jump in dressage saddle. At least it looks very uncomfortable to me. :-)

If you indeed do lots of jumping and current saddle doesn't fit your horse very well, I'd sell that saddle and get the nice jumping one. But that's just me. Lol!

roro 10-28-2009 01:55 AM

I would pick the jumping saddle. The way I see it, it's much safer to work on dressage in a jumping saddle than to work on jumping in a dressage saddle. You can save up for a dressage saddle later. The jumping saddle is also a good choice because you can get rid of that ill-fitting nightmare of a saddle once and for all!

flamingauburnmustang 10-28-2009 06:16 AM

I'd say get a jumping saddle without leg blocks. Unless you do ALOT of dressage and would feel comfortable with a dressage saddle rather than jumping, then get a dressage saddle.

If you do both equally, rather consider the jumping saddle. You can do both disciplines comfortably in it.

PoohLP 10-28-2009 12:11 PM

You could always try an AP or eventing saddle (basically the same thing). THey are designed to work for both.

luvs2ride1979 10-28-2009 12:21 PM

Buy a quality used AP saddle, like a Stubben, Kieffer, Passier, etc. with NO leg blocks. You want something with a forward flap for jumping (VSS). A quality AP will be balanced enough for jumping and solid flat work. Buy one through a reputable tack shop (local or online) that will help with fitting your horse and allow returns or trials.

gypsygirl 10-28-2009 12:23 PM


Originally Posted by PoohLP (Post 441870)
You could always try an AP or eventing saddle (basically the same thing). THey are designed to work for both.

agreed ! i do eventing & have an event saddle that works fine for all 3phases [except it doesnt fit my horses =/] its also a lot easier to have one saddle that works for everything than to have multiple saddles. unless you are going advanced, then i would have 2 saddles

EventingIsLovee 10-28-2009 11:13 PM

Thanks everyone! This is all very good advice and I really appreciate it! I think I might get an all purpose. But I'm still going to check how the one I have now fits him. I think the fitting is fine now. But also, if I got a dressage saddle, I would still use my jumping saddle for jumping and xc. Does this change any of your ideas?

sillybunny11486 10-28-2009 11:22 PM

a great dressage rider once told me ap=no purpose lol
Ive never used one. I prefer a jumping saddle. Knee blocks arent suposed to effect your flat work that much. What kind of saddle do you have now??
Dressage saddles put you back a little bit more (as compared to an a/p and c/c saddle), thus you might be put off trying to jump with the horse/

luvs2ride1979 10-29-2009 12:09 AM

I HATE the AP=NP saying. It's so far from the truth... No, you can't do upper level Dressage in an AP and no you can't jump 4' in one, but they're sure as heck WONDERFUL for lower levels, security over fences, and learning. A good QUALITY AP that is balanced and fits horse and rider well is a wonderful saddle to have around.

I showed through Training level Dressage in my old trainer's Passier VSS AP and never scored below a 65%, on a young/green horse, thank-you-very-much, lol. I also always socred 7's or higher for my position and riding form. I showed that same horse in that same saddle in 3-3'3" jumpers and never got sucked in or left behind.

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