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samskye347 10-28-2009 06:02 AM

feeding a fizzy horse
need some advice with feeding/supplements formy fizzy mare
shes coming in at night as of the beginning of november and will start having concentrated feed as i was worried at what to feed her without her hotting up even more
her old owner suggested feeding her a scoop of chaff (hifi lite) and half a scoop of pony nuts aswell as carrots/apples twice a day (shes 15hh cob and quite fat at the mo lol)
only thing is she is very fizzy and is extremely strong and excitable at the moment when shes living on grass and the odd haynet so im worried how shes gonna be inside and having food :S
just wondering if anyone could suggest any feed supplmeents which could possibly help calm her down (i heard magnesium based supplements often help as exctiable horses re often deficient in this?!)
any help would be greeeat :-)

loosie 10-28-2009 08:44 AM

If she's 'fizzy' on just hay, it may be her personality/training rather than feed, altho it's definitely possible, as is a nutrient imbalance effecting her moods. Is she used to/comfortable with living in? Why do you have to bring her in at night? Is she/will she be getting much exercise?

Especially if she's overweight, I'd be feeding her just hay(small holed or double hay net), along with a good complete supp, which you could mix with a drop of oil into some alfalfa/lucerne chaff.

If you're wanting to put condition on, or give more energy & wanting to 'hard feed', grain is generally not the best option, as it is difficult for a horse's digestion, especially when fed in only a few meals or less a day, as a horse's digestion functions best on little & often.

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