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HollyBubbles 04-04-2014 04:32 PM

Lucky I wasn't barefoot!
I fed and covered the horses last night, like I do every night, and everything seemed normal and fine... Just as I was giving Mitch his final pat before I walked out the gate, he looked up and spooked at something, and jumped up... All of his weight ended up on top of my left foot, he then spooked at my reaction to his fat behind being on top of me, and twisted to get off, which of course hurt even more... AND ripped my shoe off my foot! I was wearing hiking boots that were done up properly... How the??

I immediately sat down on the ground and started taking my sock off as I could feel my foot swelling inside it, and as I took it off I saw a rather swollen and black and red foot... Oh crap. And man it hurt, boy did I have some choice words to say about it!

Poor Mitch didn't know what to do so he responded by coming over and trying to lick my foot better, it was a nice gesture and all but no thank you! So he then stood beside me and had his nose in my lap.. Then when I pushed him away he proceeded to stand there with his lips on my head until I hauled myself up and limped out of the paddock and back to the house.

Mum tried to make me pt my foot in the bath... Hell no! The pain just about had me pass out and vomit... Which is saying something considering I have Crohns disease and haven't ever passed out or vomited from the pain of that!

We ended up in the hospital, and the nurse didn't believe me when I said I had hiking boots on and not jandals... Do you really think I would be so stupid as to wear JANDALS around my horses? Yes, of course, because obviously I know nothing about how drawn to exposed feet horse hooves seem to be. -_-

It isn't broken, much to everyone's surprise, but it is rather swollen and extremely sore! I'm on crutches and I'm not allowed to put any weight on my foot (not that I can anyway!) and I've been given Tramadol and Panacode.

I didn't think it was too sore over last night, but when I got up to go to the bathroom it started BURNING, as if somebody had lit my foot on fire with gasoline, BURNING, and it kept burning for almost an hour after I elevated it again... Not keen on doing that again but I have to put my foot down so I can get to the jetsprints today! I'm on video duty, so I can sit down with my foot up for that, but I still have to get there first!

Imagine if I had been barefoot though! And I still can't figure out how on earth he ripped my shoe off my foot when it was a hiking boot, laced right up past my ankle!!

Zexious 04-04-2014 09:20 PM

Oh my goodness! D: Imagine if you HAD been wearing sandals! (Jandals?) I hope your foot gets to feeling better!

tinyliny 04-04-2014 09:41 PM

So sorry you had a bit of bad luck there. seriously, I mean , you can be careful all you want, but every once in a while, the horse will step on you.
Mac got my toe a couple of years ago, and it hurt like , well, like bad, and that was only a fraction of what you had happen.
take it easy, and hope you get to feeling better soon.

CLaPorte432 04-04-2014 10:03 PM

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If the swelling is severe, it can cause a fracture to not show up on X RAY. So you may want to consider going back for another X RAY once the swelling subsides.

Keep taking your pain meds. Ice. Elevate your leg. And keep off your foot.
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EdmontonHorseGal 04-05-2014 03:52 PM

ouch! and wow, it amazes me how hurt we puny humans can get even when we do take precautions and wear good footwear around horses.

not long after Loki came to my barn she spooked when i was holding her. i was wearing runners that day (stupid me!) and she did almost exactly the same as your horse did - jumped straight up and came down on my foot. my toe next to my big toe got mangled pretty bad, and for a while i wasn't sure if the toenail was going to come off or not. thankfully it healed up and i'm good as new. now i wear hiking boots around Loki at all times, but after reading your story i wonder if i should invest in some knee high steel toe boots!

SueC 04-05-2014 06:07 PM

Steel-capped farm boots are my standard wear around horses, but even they aren't a magic failsafe solution: I know someone who had a horse jump on their foot just at the edge of the cap, bending the steel into the foot. Not nice either and they had a hell of a job cutting the boot off.

Last time a horse stepped on my foot was, of course, when I was wearing riding boots, he was in horseshoes, and we were both on a bitumen road. Murphy again! He spooked and fled closer to me, catching the edge of my foot - full weight on the little toe. Ouch...

Get better soon.

HollyBubbles 04-05-2014 08:49 PM

It's pretty sore and is even more swollen now, engulfing my whole foot rather than just where it got stood on, but my hands hurt from using my crutches so I'm kind of stuck on the couch haha. (You know your riding correctly when using crutches kills your arms and horse riding doesn't!)

I did wonder about swelling possibly not showing a fracture, I'm going to the doctors some time this week anyway so I'll ask about another x-ray then, hopefully the swelling has gone down by then.

We aren't allowed to wear steel caps around the horses for that reason, there's been a person or two that have had toes amputated by the edge of a steel cap.. It seems we can't win with footwear and horses, every type of footwear seems to have a downside, I think the only footwear I haven't been injured while wearing is my gumboots, not even kidding.. I've been stood on while wearing them but hooves always tend to slide off rather than dig in.. Given though that my horses aren't wearing shoes (thank goodness)

Northernstar 04-05-2014 09:13 PM

Ooooh! I can almost feel your pain from the description! So sorry this happened, and glad you're going back to the Dr. soon-I agree in the possibility of a fracture not showing up just yet, so glad you're on that! I worked in a stable many years ago, and had my big toe stepped on (hard!) by a 4 yr old (a very large one!) who was prancing around a bit impatiently as I was opening the gate to his turn-out pasture. His buddy was already on the other side, and he wanted in yesterday! Of course when his hoof came down on my toe, he decided to stand still.... Nothing like a 1,000 lb compressor on your foot, right? I'm firmly saying, "Lift up!/Lift up!/Lift up!" then whew, finally! Made him walk in slowly and wait while I took off his halter. Then gimping to the stable, I thought of the 30 (yes, 30!) stalls waiting for me to clean! By the grace of God, I got through the day, and fortunately it was Fri. The black and blue toenail fell off eventually, but grew back perfectly! I was lucky :)

* The horse's name was Bailey-I'll never forget young Bailey.... :)

Yogiwick 04-05-2014 09:16 PM

Glad you're ok.

You have a very sweet horse there :)

HollyBubbles 04-05-2014 10:04 PM

Ohhh Notherstar - OUCH!! Nothing like a toenail coming off from an injury.. Whew. I handled the split second where he was standing on my foot, it was when he twisted to get off that the pain really started.. It was pretty instant! I've broken both feet before, one horse related, one soccer related, and neither hurt or swelled up this badly.. Or bled and bruised come to think of it.

Yogiwick, he really is, even though I was in an incredible amount of pain I couldn't help but feel so sorry for him, he didn't do it on purpose and the look in his eyes was so sad. My mare tried to come over and see what was going on but Mitch shifted away and then attacked her and wouldn't let her near me.
I've got dads worker feeding them for me since there is no way in hell that I'm going out into that paddock with a foot too fat to put in a shoe! I'll stand outside the fence when I can manage to get myself over there, but I'm not going into the paddock.

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