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sparky 10-20-2007 11:14 PM

Puffy Eyes??
Over the last couple of days I have noticed that Freckles eyes haven't been looking themselves, and it is because they are puffy!! I cannot seem to figure out what would cause them to become puffed, but I thought that I should ask what might cause it. There have been many flies - stupid fly season has started and they just swarm!! He wears a fly mask all day from 6:30am-6:00pm when the flies have gone. If it was a grass seed or such, it would surely cause him pain and be in one eye only, but both his eyes are puffy and he has no pain.

I managed to get a half decent photo of his eye - he didn't want to stand still because they have been put out on our lawn to graze.

Any ideas?

BluMagic 10-21-2007 01:09 AM

There was an older horse I used to ride that had that same thing. He was kept in a stall all the time with his previous owners. He seemed to have "droopy" eyes. They were puffy on the outside but his eyeball looked sort of pulled back. It was from many years without a decent fly mask. We got antibiotics but the damage was permanent...lessening his sight and all.

So in that case, it could be the flies spredding something and I would suggest a vet visit. JMO hope this helps

Also, he could have bumped his eye. It might just be swollen. I'm not sure if you should touch it or not. I wonder if horses can get Sty Eyes......

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