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MangoRoX87 10-31-2009 09:46 PM

Well this sucks.
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Okay, so I have had Rebel since November 08. Around January, He got kicked really bad on his left hind stifle, but we got a vet out and thats all better now. But, ever since then, he has been lame on his left front. We have tried:
No riding
Riding everyday
Hoof hardener
Chiro work
But nothing has seemed to work! I seriously think he has navacular syndrome, but my parents seem worn out and don't want to try something that will just wind up not working, like all the other stuff clearly has. We are tight in money, and sadly my parents have stated that if one of my horses has to go, it's him. But I have brought this horse from the ground up! He was scared of people, and I am the only person he can really trust and open up to. I don't want him to bounce around house to house and just wind up going to slaughter. He is only 5! He has plently of life in him. My drill horse currently is getting old and tired, and he is the only other horse that isn't a foal or kicks other horses. I love this horse so much! He needs help. What do you suggest I do? Oh and I added the picture cuz I think he is so darn cute:)

smrobs 10-31-2009 09:52 PM

Are you 100% certain that it is his left front and not a continueing issue with the stifle?

He is beautiful by the way!! :D

MangoRoX87 10-31-2009 09:57 PM

I'm extremely certain. His pelvis is slightly turned forward on that side, which is something the chiro worked on. You can poke and push all over his hind leg, and he doesn't care. The limping has really taken a toll on his hooves; his right is all pushed down and belled out from alot of his weight being on that hoof, and his left is all small and contracted looking.

smrobs 10-31-2009 10:03 PM

It may be the hoof malformation that is causing the lameness issues. I don't know and unfortunately, I have no suggestions. I just hope you get it figured out and are able to get him sound. ((hugs))

MangoRoX87 10-31-2009 10:10 PM

Thanks:) I'm hopping that he is limping bad right now just cuz of the cold weather..I have been giving him bute, but I ran out this morning:(
Oh! and I didn't see you complement in the other post. How rude of me:P Thank you very much:)

smrobs 10-31-2009 10:16 PM

LOL, that's okay. I edited that in because I hit the post button before I was ready so you may have read it before I got it in there. :D

BaliDoll 10-31-2009 10:22 PM

I'm sorry to hear that, i have no ideas for you, but I just wanted to say he is gorgeous! *good thoughts for you*

kiwigirl 10-31-2009 10:25 PM

I know this is a long shot but I had a young horse who had damaged his shoulder. The vet suspected that he had torn a ligament off the scapula and taken a bone shard with it. This animal was lame for WEEKS! I tried everything, the shoulder was withering, the other foot was looking strained, I was lost. And then a friend lent me a pair of magnetic boots. I was skeptical but at the stage where I was willing to try ANYTHING.

About four days after I started using these boots I saw the signs of improvement for the first time in about 12 weeks. Two weeks later my boy was sound and beginning to develope the muscle in his withered shoulder. I had to shoe him in the front to correct the issues from long term lameness but he recovered to 100% fitness.

I don't want to get your hopes up but magnetic boots worked for Comet. Once I started using them I looked into the theory behind them. Magnets are sewn in to the boots with reversed polarities, this magnetism pushes the blood flow faster, promoting healing. This is a very simplified explanation of course. All I know is that they were like magic on a long term injury that I thought was incurable.

Maybe you are like I was - willing to give anything a whirl.

MangoRoX87 10-31-2009 10:29 PM

It is kind of a long shot..but like you, I'm willing to try anything..but like I said, I don't have very much money to spare, and we need all the money we can right now to pay for my colt's gelding and winter hay. Do you know where I can get some for cheap?

kiwigirl 10-31-2009 10:38 PM

I have only come across them twice, once when I was working in a yard of steeplechasers in Scotland and again with a friend who does competetive endurance. I am in NZ, I would start by going online, check out different websites, find the brands. Then I would look second hand using sites like E-bay. Or maybe there is a professional yard near you that you can make inquiries about borrowing/hiring some (if they have them). Good luck.

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