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Appy Luvr 11-02-2009 04:39 PM

Arabian Lines?
Does anyone know anything about the bloodlines in this pedigree?
All Breed Pedigree Query=
I'm an Appy person but one of mine is 1/4 arabian and I'm curious about that part of him! This would be my boys grandmother. Any insite would be great!! :D

WSArabians 11-02-2009 05:09 PM

There's nothing super fancy up close, but she does have some awesome Eypgtian lines that would be just off her papers!

Fadl - He was bred by Prince Mohammed Ali in Eygpt and was later imported into the US where he produced some great Babson Arabs.

Just a touch of some pretty intense line breeding on the top there.
Fadl sired both Faddan and Fay-El-Dine (born one month apart) and there all very close through Mahroun.
Both Faddan and Fay-El-Dine were considered some of the best movers of their era.

Mirage is a wonderful horse who often gets overlooked in the old Eypgtian lines. He was born in the Desert of Eygpt (he's a Desert bred Arabian) who was later imported Iraq, England, and fianlly the US where he was named the US National Champion Halter and English Pleasure Champion.
Impeccable conformation - Gorgeous head, tippy ears and that long sought after great hooky Arabian neck.

I like Bint Sierra I because she goes back (albeit quite a ways) to Mesaoud, who is probably my favourite Eygptian Arabian. He was one of the most influential sires of his time, passing on his extreme movement and wonderful conformation. He is also one of the first Eypgtian Arabians thus popular to carry the Sabino gene.

Of course, then we also have Skoronek, the sire of the Legendary Raffles. Raffles, I think, it possibly not only the most handsomest boy of his time, but the darn cutest! Such a loving face with big, beauitful expressive eyes.
He displayed some of the best old Classic Arabian look with great bone but refinment, movement, and ability.
Super great sire who was extremely important in the Arabian world.

So there's some great old Babson Eypgtian lines up top with some of extended to his dam's side, but with a mixture of Crabbet and Polish mixed in there.
A nice combination of both Halter and Perfomance horses. :)

Appy Luvr 11-02-2009 09:27 PM

Terrific, THANKS!!!:D

WSArabians 11-03-2009 07:48 PM

You are most welcome. :)

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