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heyycutter 11-02-2009 09:38 PM

Loosing interest ?
ive always been a horse addict, for as long as i can remember. i was even teased bad about it when i was in school.
lately, ive been working full time, trying to balence life with the boyfriend, work, parents, and other life things, and i dont have much time for anything anymore. i visit cutter every day to groom him, clean his stall, and so on.
the past month or so, ive felt like i had almost no interest in riding.
i almost feel like im loosing interest in riding. not horses, just riding.

i dont know if its just because i overwork myself to pay for cutter, or if im truely loosing interest, or if it will pass. ive always been adicting to riding and horses.
i dont plan on ever selling cutter, i love him lots, but i dont really have interest in riding him much anymore.

any thoughts? has this happened to anyone else?

im kinda thinking maybe i lost my nerve when me and him fell 2 months ago and i got lots of stitches in my face, but i dont know.
it kills to think i lost interest, since horses have always been my life.
this is kinda like a vent i guess, just looking for advice/thoughts.
once again, i love my horse, and i dont want to sell him. latley ive just been treating him more like a dog, (taking him on walks and stuff) rather than w/t/c jumping.
what do you guys think?

Jillyann 11-02-2009 09:47 PM

That happened to me a while back. I guess you could just say that it was a phase and passed about 2 months later..

farmpony84 11-02-2009 09:54 PM

I'm going to go with a phase as well. I went through it, after high school when i got my first full time job. I was going to school part-time and had a not horsey boyfriend. I fell into a ride once or twice a week stage... then a year or so later my horse and I had a huge argument. I was dating a new guy at this point, still not a horsey guy but he was supportive. Pistol has always been a rearer and he had gotten to where he was impossible to catch and then he would rear everytime I tried to put my foot in the stirrup. he'd rear and spin so I would actually mount on a rear... Then one day he got away from me on a trail and I couldnt catch him or find him. I called my boyfriend and that was it. I was so angry with him... it was one of those "I have put everything off for you, I pay for you instead of a decent car, I pay for you instead of cool clothes, I put time, blood and sweat into you and this is what I get?" moments..
I wanted to sell. Boyfriend (who is now husband) said no. Keep him. He actually came out and fed for me for about a week because I was so angry. I think I took the whole summer off from riding. I needed a break. And apparently so did Pistol! We made up. I still love him... he still rears and runs... I don't think you ever really lose the passion, but sometimes a person just needs time....

heyycutter 11-02-2009 10:05 PM

i need to ride him 4-5 days a week to get muscle on him again. and i dont really like, want to right now, but i know its what he needs.
also, i moved him to a new barn 20 minutes away, which lots of horses and people and i dont get to see him as much as i used to. i used to see him a couple times a day everyday, but now ill only get to see him once a day, for not very long. :(

and today ive been getting a bad feeling about him being at the new barn. i dont know if its because i miss having him 4 minutes away or what, or if somehow hes not happy there and i can like, feel it.

where he was before, there wasnt anywhere to ride. so i havnt been.
but i know he needs the excersise, and thats the only reason i moved him. i just dont really want to ride him. ever since we fell, ive been paranoid hes going to go lame. it stinks
that might be a reason i dont want to ride
Cutter litterally saved me when we fell, but i dont want to like risk it again.
( he threw me off to the side of him right before he fell on his back next to me, and even though my bridle was shredded, he stayed next to me until i woke up, when i heard the neighboors coming to take me to the ER.
thank god cutter was ok, but im so afraid he wont be next time something happens

heyycutter 11-02-2009 10:33 PM

anyone have any ideas to spark my interest in riding? lol
im going to the equine affaire this year, hopefully that will help

Britt 11-02-2009 10:36 PM

I'd say you're just going through a phase... I've been through two... The first, I don't remember why, I think I just got tired of riding, because I pretty much quit riding for a few months and finally just woke up one day and really wanted to ride...

The second was after me and my mare fell for the first time. I didn't want to get back on her because I was scared. I finally made myself get on her and it took a few months for me to relax, but eventually I did and we're back to normal.

heyycutter 11-02-2009 10:39 PM

that must be it, that was cutter and i's first fall too
it really stinks though, i used to wake up every morning and be like, really excited to ride, not anymore=/

WelcomeStranger28 11-02-2009 11:14 PM

My friend has the same problem. Her horse is injured and can not be riden by her. She doesn't even want to get hi out and brush him!! It is not that she has lost interest in horses, but in riding. I have figured out that if i get her to do more exciting things when she does ride other horses, she has actually taken interest and will not want to stop! now she has another horse as she had no choice but to sell the other one and she adores it and rides whenever she can! it was rainig the other day and she was there riding in the rain, the horse not being bothered and looked like he was smiling, as she was too!! i really hope this helps, as i love to hear that there are people around the world enjoying the same passion that i have!

Saskia 11-02-2009 11:37 PM

I went through like, a few years of that. Its just now that I am really wanting to get back into horses. Sometimes its your confidence, or you just need a change, or something like that.

I don't know what to tell you, I hope its just a short phase.

Kayty 11-03-2009 05:43 PM

I've been through that in the past, and again at the moment. I dropped my ride of a lovely medium trained WB mare that I'd had quite alot of success on, she put my name up on the list of YR's to beat. But around the middle of this year, I just suddenly felt super down about my riding, felt as though it was going no where, like I had no time with 3 jobs and a boyfriend to worry about horses and so I dropped the deal on her.
I've not been on a horse now for 5 months, and I've been bitten by the riding bug again. I've lost the ride of this mare, she's now been turned into a school horse which I'm pretty dissapointed with, but I am going nuts trying to find something else to ride now.

Long story short, IMO taking a break from horses is a good thing. It will be the make or break, you'll either miss it so badly and go back to it with even more passion, or decide it's not for you. Get someone where you board to look after him for a month or so and have nothing to do with him. Maybe pay someone a bit to lunge or ride him a few times a week if it is absolutely essential that he builds up muscle. It hounestly will help you realise what you want to do, there is no point forcing yourself to do somethign that you are not enjoying, as you will learn to hate it more until it's too late.

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