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MaloreyAnimal 11-03-2009 10:16 PM

LOL - School Memories?
Well, I came across this on Facebook. They are You Know You Went To .... when....

But to be honest, these made me crack up. I'll just post a few.
You know you went to SSHS when...

You’ve had school cancelled for the following reasons
1. crazy snow
2. crazy ice
3. crazy cold
4. crazy bomb threats on homecoming

Your administrators can’t sit still for 5 minutes - YES! You see them running around everywhere.

You get lost in the circle even as a senior - Yep. It's always a confusion.

You hate the freshman cause they block all he hallways, but at the same time, you know in the back of your head that you did that as a frosh. - LOL YES! The Freshman travel in herds and then there herds stop in the middle of hallways.

You wonder if the garden murals by the library are ever going to be done before you graduate. Or your little brother graduates. Or your grandchild graduates. - Dear lord, yes. They are never going to be finished I tell you!

Your kinda scared of a few of the librarians - They are pretty scary...and VERY cranky. >.> I got kicked out of the library during study hall because I put my work away like, 30 seconds early!

Your idea of entertainment on a Friday night is either drinking, or walking through Walmart aimlessly. Or hey, both. - This seems to be pretty much it, yeah. My town is very boring.

Looking for people who actually participate in daily dress is like playing Where’s Waldo

There are camaras watching you from every hallway - Mhm. There are cameras every few feet...

You have any silly memories from your school experience?

irydehorses4lyfe 11-04-2009 03:33 AM

You know you went to FHS when you remember... not being closed unless it was 5 degrees or colder and 2 feet of snow or more...until the new school was built, then being cancelled as soon as it started to snow due to the school being on a dirt road. :lol:
...the admin said the new building took 4 minutes to get from one end to the other with no one there and yet you still managed to get to classes from one end to the other in less than 2 minutes.
...your school was known as 'Falcatraz' due to massive brick walls in every direction, blocked cell signals, and two full glass walls.
...when you see it from 20-30 miles away, and all you see is a massive brick. had tornado drills in the hallways when both side walls were full wall windows. :shock: rode a horse to homecoming because you could. have had your football team rivals drive onto the football field, tear down the chain link fence, and plant a 6 foot tall pine tree in 3' diameter of cement in the middle of the field on homecoming day and still play the game that night, undisturbed.
...having a horse, donkey, or camel as a homecoming float is normal.
...every car in the parking lot is covered in dust. was and still is, the only school in the county that doesn't allow you to go off campus for lunch. know it is the most energy efficient school in the state. still have school even when the power goes out thanks to wind and blowing snow and the building temperature drops into the 40's. weren't scared of the principal...the principal was scared of you.(the current principal when I left had gone from elementary school admin. to hs. principal)
...spirit days and tailgating parties meant 4wd trucks of all sorts being decorated, and BBQing from the bed of the truck.
...bonfires at your school consisted of a 50' diameter of plywood, crates, and old barns in the parking lot next to open fields...and the fire dept. was more popular than any other class in the school.
...prom cost you 70$ to get in. :shock:, cowboy hats, and belt buckles were nothing but normal.
...the size of your books wouldn't fit in your locker no matter how hard you tried.
...the art classrooms were where you hung out when you had nothing to do, no matter whether you liked art or not.

hccumminssmoke 11-04-2009 09:16 AM

You know you went to HCHS when:

-Traffic on the main highway infront of school is closed for 20+ minutes for FFA Drive Your Tractor To School Day
-The baseball field is mowed and taken care of more then the actual grass infront of school
-You can't walk through the gym with boots on
-You only had 1 black kid in the whole school
-You make corn hole boards as a Ag Construction project and get 100%
-There is only 1 foriegn languange class...spanish
-A teachers 'field trip' was to go watch her smoke
-You can get out of anything by saying your a teachers aide
-The principal asks you to pull a bush out of the front flower bed b/c he doesnt think your truck can do it
-You have fake cameras outside to monitor the parking lot at night

I live in a town with less then 800 people and graduated in 07 with less then 100...


bubblegum 11-04-2009 09:26 AM

you know you went to MCS when
=school gets cancelled if there is a small blizzard of snow of less than a centimertre
=if you say its your time of the month you get out of psychical ed.
=when you see a male sub teacher running out of the school crying
=you get detention if you walk around the circle the wrong way
=you get sent to principles office for miming in song class
=you had a running track but couldnt use it cause girls dont run
=always cold cause they dont want to use heating
=gardens are never taken care of
=if any boy is on the property you will see girls jumping out of the windows

lizzie_magic 11-04-2009 04:16 PM

You know you went to AHS when
- you expect libary books to come with bannana skins
- your text book is older than the school
- the cars in p-plate ally have all been keyed
- you know know to sit still at concerts in an attempt to prevent the room colapsing
- you know what a doof is
- you've eaten chips at nevilles
- you've wagged a free to sit on the senior lawn

tempest 11-04-2009 04:41 PM

You know you're from MCC when.....

You wear a uniform to school.
You get detention for not wearing a belt.
Sports articles about your school excite you beyond belief.
You are actually friends with your History and Economics teacher.
It's not hard to piss off your teachers.
You can't walk down the hall without running into someone.
Your detentions consist of community service.
Homecoming attracts more people that prom every will.
You always know who broke up with who and who they are now seeing.
Word on the Swine flu only freaks out 1/4 of your high school population.
You routinely get a "Face to face, leave some space" talk before every dance.
You are told not to dance within "the pod" and have no idea what the pod is.
Your school is the only school not canceled due to weather in the state. (I swear there's a bubble around our school. It could be down pooring, but if you look on the weather channel nothing will show up)
You routinely get told to, "Tuck in your shirt."
You have a max of 60 kids in your high school.
You play football in "The Bowl."
If you aren't polish, you obviously weren't born in the town.
Your school gets all excited over powderpuff sports.
The boys get way too excited over being the coaches of the girl's powderpuff football team.
You play at least more than one school sport a year.
If you're a boy and you don't play football, basketball, and baseball you play football, basketball, and golf.
If you're a girl and you don't do volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, and softball you do basketball and track.
If you quit a sport after 4 practices you can't play for half of the season in the next sport you do.
If you aren't a fan of the University of Michigan or Notre Dame, you suck.
And last but not least.....
at homecoming you school surrounded your history/economics teacher while dancing to Somebody's Watching Me, causing the teacher to freak out until he had to be rescued by another teacher.

lizzie_magic 11-04-2009 05:42 PM


Originally Posted by lizzie_magic (Post 450258)
You know you went to AHS when
- you expect libary books to come with bannana skins
- your text book is older than the school
- the cars in p-plate ally have all been keyed
- you know know to sit still at concerts in an attempt to prevent the room colapsing
- you know what a doof is
- you've eaten chips at nevilles
- you've wagged a free to sit on the senior lawn

I thought of a few more:
-you know where the fish bowl is and dread having lessons in there
-you've watched or participated in corties
- you've been called a bogan
- school excurtions mean walking all day

TaMMa89 11-04-2009 07:49 PM

You know you went that small upper secondary school here in South Karelia when...

...if you lived in the neigbor town and came to the school with a bus you needed to wait every morning around 30mins before the lessons started. Same with skip lessons or if your day ended early: hang around and wait for the next bus.

... you notice in your senior prom (shared with the other upper secodary of the city) that your class is perhaps 1/3 about whole the dancing crowd... Yea, it's a small school.

...your principal comes to the classroom and check that the warmer doesn't heat too effectively while you've your Finnish and literature lesson... Yea, needed to save money.

...your and other upper secondary students set up a protest so the city doesn't close your upper secondary... Yea, needed to save more.

...Besides national events like a senior prom and a school leaving party here's a slavery market for those who've started their first year and a leaving dinner and night for those who're finishing their last.

Sorry, I don't remember more. There weren't a lot of significant happenings during my school time. Could remember more things from comprehensive school.

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