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TwisterRush 11-04-2009 09:07 PM

First Time Pulling a mane !!! :)
Well, today at bring your kids to work day, i went and worked with a friend at her barn and she bred Welsh Ponies and cobs.
I got to brush one of her stallions Tomas and Pull a mare's mane for the first time :)
I can say i actually did very well and they think i did too !
So im rather pleased.
Thought i would show photos from today.
( the stallion photo turned blurry, so i tryed my best to make it seeable lol and am throwing in photos of the stallion with his mane pulled. His mane is VERY LONG ! a bit longer than his chest, but not up to his front legs, yet )

Both the horses are 16 years old :)
Tomas's is a Champion Driver and im pretty sure a champion hunter... but im positive about the Champ Driver :)

Mane Pulling:




When his mane was pulled:

I also have photos of me riding the horses they had, but sold, Dary went to NY and Bridgette to Oregon :(
I miss them lol !!!

But i love riding their welsh's and Irish Cobs they are amazing lol and the amount of HAIR that is there oh its so much fun !
But i had to use alot of detangler on Tomas's mane and tail !

FGRanch 11-04-2009 09:58 PM

Why would they get rid of all those stunning locks!?

TwisterRush 11-04-2009 10:34 PM

lol, we only did the mare, we never did the stallion :) Those Photos are when his mane was pulled along time ago.

But we pulled her mane because she rubbed some of it off, And she has alot of them and after awhile the manes are hard to maintane lol :) and she thought it would be a fun thing i could give a go. Let me tell you, the higher you go the tougher it is to pull! with all that hair lol, so i did it in very small strands :)

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