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horsesroqke 11-05-2009 12:38 AM

Curious (;
Hi, im new here and was just wondering about this thing that happens with Geildings Bellies; ive only heard it in geildings and heard alot of crazy stuff about it. When they canter or trot there bellies make a sort of 'groan' sound, its quite common and just want to know whats true (;

Thanks :-):-)

Semperfiwife 11-05-2009 12:51 AM

I've been told that it's retained water...but I don't know if that's true. It wasn't from a very reliable source. I'm curious to see what others say.
I've also heard it in stallions too.

riccil0ve 11-05-2009 01:02 AM

I know exactly what your talking about. I don't know if it's strictly only in geldings, because I haven't spent much time with stallions, plus, not every gelding I've ridden made the noise. It does have a retained water sound, your stomach can make a similar noise. I was told it was air up in his sheath.

Saskia 11-05-2009 02:44 AM

For future reference its spelled "gelding".

Ifs its sort of a ch-ch-ch-ch (in time with trot) but more sort of grunty i've also heard its air up the sheath.

Gidji 11-05-2009 05:07 AM

I know the name of it, I've just forgotten it.
Its like Ballen or Gallen?
Sorry I'm just trying to remember what its called.

pepperum 11-05-2009 05:59 AM

I'm pretty sure it's called gelding grunt and has something to do with air in their sheath's.... not positive though.

qtrhrsecrazy 11-05-2009 09:25 AM

It's the sheath... I've heard studs do it too

iridehorses 11-05-2009 09:31 AM

Interesting! I've heard that sound for years and never associated it with geldings and their sheaths. Amazing what you can learn on the forum. :D

TwisterRush 11-06-2009 12:29 AM

my old stallions did that and the geldings too...

Last ive heard they make that noise when its time to clean the sheath,, im not sure lol.

Lobelia Overhill 11-06-2009 03:55 PM

If you mean that "oink oink oink" noise, it's a dirty sheath. I had to clean my horse's out and it stopped that annoying noise :-)

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