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ariielise 11-05-2009 02:28 PM

Hey everyone...
I have an AQHA filly. She is 2, and about 12 hands, and she is estimated to stay about that height due to some problems. I will be training her as a kids pony so I can keep her {she was my first baby}, but i recently decided to drive her as well, so I could have fun with her, too.

I was wondering if anyone has any "well loved" pony harnesses that they are willing to part with for a low price? We have had a lot of issues, so money is tight. It can be as old as dirt as long as it is in using condition.

And any tips on starting her dragging things, and also building a home-made shaft trainer, would be appreciated too.

Thanks so much,


weefoal 11-05-2009 03:10 PM

Hi there!

You can usually pick up Nylon harnesses fairly cheap on ebay but I hate them. They just tangle so easily.

Be sure before you start her that she knows voice commands, ground manners etc.

We line drive for about 30-60 days depending on how the horse does. Then we add the cart. I do have a friend that made a fake cart from pvc pipe and that works well too.

Big beginner mistake though is not knowing how to properly harness a horse or hitch a horse which always leads to problems. If you can get with someone who has a driving horse (or a trainer) so you can learn in person. There are some good videos but learning in person is better if you can

ariielise 11-05-2009 03:30 PM

Thank you. Yeah I have been browsing ebay about every day just looking for something that catches my eye. So far the ones I like a lot are too much for me at the moment. I did get her a trotting harness, so I'm working a lot on the commands and such, just like starting my riding horses.

I'm going to try to find someone around here when the time comes to start hooking her up, especially since I would like a header when I start.

Thanks again

lillie 11-06-2009 01:02 PM

agreeing with weefoal's advice, and after the groundwork and commands, and getting her proofed in traffic etc., by which time she will be a bit older, you then can also get her used to things gradually and in stages as she gets confident with each stage, so for instance, later when she is long reining happily, you can start to get her used to the feel of something behind her. a good way of doing this is to have an assistant with you, and, having attatched the traces, and while you are handling the reins, have your assistant pulling back on the traces, as they walk with you, just a gradual pressure, so that she begins to get used to the feel of something against her breastcollar. later you can get the same person to drag something behind, just to get her used to noise from behind, and when this is all going well, and she is happy, you can attatch a trye or a log, for her to pull; get the assistant to take the weight of the object at first, and gradually let pony feel the extra weight. i cant stress enough the need to take your time between each stage, before moving on to the next, so that you have a happy, safe pony that is a joy to drive. when she is happy doing this for a couple of weeks, you can add something like broom handles put through the tugs, andtied with balertwine to the breeching straps. this will get her used to the feel of something coming into contact with her sides as she turns; have a person at her head to help her when she first tries turning left or right , and make sure they are not so long as to be near the reins or her head in anyway. and then after all of that, i would think about the cart. its best always to have an experienced and respected driver /trainer with you and always have an assistant to help you, if you cant aleways have a trainer. all of the time and money will pay off, and its fun, so well worth the extra effort of not taking shortcuts.

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