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Tasia 11-07-2009 12:22 AM

Stupid coyotes!!!!!!! So I am a total animal girl or "freak" some may say but this is stupid we have so many coyotes we could set a world record. I am moving my horse to my Grandpa's next spring which is right acrosss from us past his field is large chunk of forest perfect for 50+ coyotes and people have dogs here dogs that mate to coyotes make what I would call mutians they arent scared of much and my god are they scary:shock:!!! They attack everthing I cant take my dog out at sunset bc they are out ready to feed!! I am scared that my horse will get hurt or scared. I also want a mini sooner or later what am I going to do then??? For example I was in the bathroom and here coyote no more that 50 yards away howling it sticken head off!!! And apparently this attract dogs to come and mate:? Like great more of them!!! There is very few full coyotes around everthing around is half bred and it bugs me people are throwing meat scraps outside!!! well congrats we know have a bigger coyote prolem!!! So what do I do?:-(

CrazyH0rse 11-07-2009 12:28 AM

A few well placed cracks of a gun will make them thing twice if its ok in your area whether you aim or not is completely up to you. No cling wire on your fields might help to prevent them from getting through the fence, under and over are two different stories though

lacyloo 11-07-2009 12:39 AM

I wouldn't worry about it to much.Coyotes rarely go after horses unless they are foals.Not sure about the mini tho :shock:
We have alot of coyotes and shoot them when givin the chance.My horses look at coyotes like dogs.

coffeemama 11-07-2009 12:43 AM

I have same problem but not so many coyotes but it only takes one aggressive one after your dog to make me pull out my air rifle. I had one run down the hill after my dog and my yelling and screaming and my dog bolted into the house and scared it away but it was one lone time he will bring friends or he will be more brave. One tried to take another riders jack russell at the front of everyone and wasn't scared. the problem was he never tried to take a domestic animal and the jack didn't run he thought it was just another dog and it kept trying to pick it up in it's mouth but couldn't and then the humans saw him standing over dog and scared him time he, too, will try harder and be more aggressive. Two coyotes just killed a girl up north last week while she was walking on a trail. My dogs aren't allowed outside without me standing over them and only to pee then back inside. At night theygo out one at a time same reason then back inside. I hate having to live this way but their safety comes first. Some nights I just put piddle pad down in kitchen and don't even let them out if I hear coyotes nearby or see them. Not worth it..that is such a horrible way for a pet to die...don't even want to think about it. They never bother the horses here but 50+ coyotes by your place is plenty to dominate a horse. Scary. The occasional mtn lion that passes through here doesn't even bother the horses. I'd rather have coyotes than even one mtn. lion. You can't spook a mtn lion, they are cats they hunt different and once they fix on you or your pet it's all over, can't stop them or run from them...just have to shoot them when you see them that's all there is to it. Wildlife fish and game told me you never have to sacrifice yourself or your pets for the wildlife and if you or pet in danger you may kill them. I use a pellet rifle 1200 feet per second to scare them away..they are dogs and they do learn a bit and negative reinforcement over and over will train some of them to stay away that your property = unpleasant pelts in the behind. Can't condition 50+ though...You should put up some sort of fence. They can jump 5 ft fences but higher than that with angled coyote wiring on top and that might help a bit Atleast a small area off your back door where you can safely take dogs out to do their business and run around, don't have to do whole property.

SorrelHorse 11-07-2009 12:57 AM

Coyotes are all bark and no bite. I go out on foot and chase them down with my rifle all the time, or I'll take Jester out and chase them. The mini could ver well be a problem though...but mind you, if its a pack of coyotes they lure dogs out to attack but they wouldn't go after a horse unless they were really desperate. Just go fire a few shots off and they'll soon get the message.

kevinshorses 11-07-2009 01:18 AM

Quit the pellet gun crap and get a real rifle and learn how to shoot it. I would love to go to a place with 50+ coyotes. There would soon be many fewer. If they are a hazard to pets and livestock it is time to reduce numbers and that means killing them.

coffeemama 11-07-2009 01:26 AM


Originally Posted by kevinshorses (Post 453048)
Quit the pellet gun crap and get a real rifle and learn how to shoot it. I would love to go to a place with 50+ coyotes. There would soon be many fewer. If they are a hazard to pets and livestock it is time to reduce numbers and that means killing them.

Yes I like you better already! Come over to my place please..are you for hire? I've been begging my neighbor to kill them and make a nice coat or something with them I don't care just get rid of them.I'd rather have an over population of bunnies any day. I don't need them.
Yes I wish to use a real rifle but am situation between two big propane tanks on the hill, scared to take out something bigger or kill my neighbors by mistake. okay okay....I'll learn to shoot a real rifle and kill these darn coyotes. I like your style! :D

kevinshorses 11-07-2009 01:35 AM

Propane tanks are pretty robust so unless you had a really big rifle you probably wouldn't hurt the tank and even if you did the gas probably wouldn't ignite. But if you just don't aim at them then you won't hit them. Anywhere else in the country I would say put an add in the paper and you would get all kind of takers. Since you're in California animal rights activists would probably burn your house down then you wouldn't have to worry about the coyotes. Buy a .22 caliber rifle and a video on predator hunting and you might just learn to enjoy it.

smrobs 11-07-2009 01:57 AM

Agree with Kevin. A good .22 rifle is a Godsend for getting small to medium sized pests (anything from groundhogs, gophers, up to skunks and coyotes). However, if that is not an option, either a llama or a donkey make excellent protection animals. They couldn't take on an entire pack but 1 or 2 coyotes would stand no chance at all. :D

3neighs 11-07-2009 08:11 AM


However, if that is not an option, either a llama or a donkey make excellent protection animals.
We have coyotes by us, too, and once a couple of years ago we witnessed our shetland pony run off a lone coyote that was lurking around the goat pen. We don't have the pony anymore, but fortunately we haven't had a problem of coyotes coming on our property anymore. My husband is an excellent shot. ;)

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