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justsambam08 11-07-2009 01:44 AM

a rant about the economy.....
okay, not really. but kind of.

So for the past year and some change I've been working at a doggie daycare. I was hired a few months after the place opened, it was really small but growing fast. The owners of the place still come in every day and work, but we have like 15 other people working now. Not a problem, except all of these people are stealing my hours.

I have told both of my bosses (Angie and Kendall) that I need a minimum of 16 hours a week so that I can make my board each month and pay for gas. Never mind the fact that I have a cell phone, and you know, a life, but 16 hours is the minimum. I get paid 8 dollars an hour, which, for what my job description is is WAY under what it should be (five hours or more out in the Florida sun, running around after high-energy dogs, exposure to high levels of bleach and bleach concentrate plus other random chemicals, basic dog grooming and first aid, the list goes on). Over the summer, I was getting 30+ hours, which basically meant I was making bank. Which is why I decided to buy my horse. I budgeted it out, even figured out all of my school expenses and stuff and I still had enough money, because I would still be working 20 or so hours in the low season.

Well, now I'm getting some bull crap hours. Like really. This week I worked THREE HOURS. THREE. THAT ISN'T EVEN ENOUGH TO PAY FOR THE GAS TO GET TO THIS STUPID JOB. I wish they would fire me, because then I could just collect unemployment and probably make more money than what I'm making right now. The week of Thanksgiving I work on Thanksgiving, which is okay because I get time and a half, which puts me at a whopping 15 hours for that whole week. LAST TIME I CHECKED, 15 WAS NOT 16. That one hour is a whole 8 freakin dollars. Next week, I work like six hours. I'm down something like 200 dollars for my board, and thats assuming I get paid for all of my hours (scheduled hours doesn't mean paid hours, ya know) but you best believe I am sitting at my job even if theres nothing to do just so I can milk every minute I'm scheduled.

So, this week I have to go and talk to my BO about working off some of Decembers board, and I'm probably going to suspend my cell phone until I find a job that pays me what I freakin deserve. I can't go to the concert I've been waiting all year to go to, and if I didn't already have tickets, I wouldn't be going to see Wicked when it comes in February either. I can't go up to see my GRANDMOTHER because I can't ask off from work, because what if they had planned on working me?

I don't ask alot, really. Just give me 160 dollars a week. It's not difficult, just anywhere between 16 and 20 hours. I am currently putting in my resume EVERYWHERE that I'm qualified for, and praying to Jesus that I get another job. Any job.

So does anyone know someplace thats hiring around Tampa, FL?

Vidaloco 11-07-2009 08:42 AM

Sorry I don't know of anyplace :-( Have you told your employer that your going to have to leave if you don't get more hours? That may be enough to up your time. Till then I'll say a prayer for you :D

close2prfct 11-07-2009 09:14 AM

I'm sorry I'm no where near there to help you but I do understand what you are going through. After years of having a steady career and paycheck I went to working in a hotel as a housekeeper..The job is great as far as hours, people I work for and no stress but the pay is bad and in the winter it slacks off horribly. It does give me enough to make ends meet though so that could be an option for you. In the summer months I usually work from 9am-230/3pm winter months I'm home most generally by noon or 1 at the latest. It's hard to find good housekeepers so the turn over can work in your favor and allow you time for school work etc.

Anyhow just a thought

Gillian 11-07-2009 10:36 AM

I live in your area, Clearwater actually, and all I can say is good luck! It is SO hard to find a job here right now. I've been looking for around a year. On and off because of school, but still, a YEAR. It's so ridiculous. I'm lucky that I'm only 18 and am finishing my senior year and living with my parents who amazingly, are paying all the expenses for my horse. I had a job over the summer but ended up getting fired for a BS reason. (Crazy BO, it was a barn job.) I'd bring it up with your employers again, stress how you've been a great employee since the beginning, and that you NEED more hours.

Good luck!

justsambam08 11-07-2009 01:55 PM

Ugh, I feel slightly better, but not really. They aren't just skimping on my hours, theres a few people who are getting "dropped" from the schedule. There's also the fact that out of those fifteen people who I work with, six of them are supervisors, which means they not only work full time, but they also get paid like three dollars more. They just don't have a clue at how to work the schedule....if they need three hours filled somewhere during the week, instead of asking the other employees if they can take on more hours, they go out and hire someone else, who of course has a whole different work schedule that they need filled.

I really am trying hard to find if there are any minimum federal requirements for being classified as "part time". If there is, I'm going to mention to them that when I was hired, it was on the premise that I'd be part time with a minimum of 20 hours a week, and if they don't fix it then I'll be calling someone. They've done this before to another girl....they "forgot" to file a workers comp claim so she had to wait longer to claim it....she ratted them out and they had to pay like a 2500 dollar more or less they try to find ways around doing what they need to do. I love these women but I swear I am so burned out on this job.

sillybunny11486 11-07-2009 02:44 PM

there is no minimum for part time, because its part time. they can schedule your whenever they want to. I had this problem when I worked at Kohls. they schedule you out the butt over winter, then you get like no hours otherwise. Unless you have a contract to the contrary. I would tell them you're looking for another job, they may try harder to keep you. if not just keep looking.

My parents paid my horse thru college, when I got out I had Kohls or nothing, so I worked there, I barely made enought money for my gas and my horse. It was soo tough. I try to keep a savings incase something like that happens, then I'll be ok. Have you tried looking for a cheeper place to board, maybe try to work off board (as much as you can) and you might have to, but what about leaseing/ half leasing out your horse?

justsambam08 11-07-2009 07:09 PM

^^Yep, I'm already on it. I've posted a for lease ad here, on like six other horse classefieds sites, in my local paper, on craigslist.....I'm going to talk to my BO probably on Monday about working off some of the board, but its the cheapest place that is close, so I don't just end up using the money I save in gas.

I don't really want to ask my rents/grandparents for money because they paid for the horse (even though he was only 500 dollars), and my parents have said they wont help me pay his expenses, but they do give me gas money when I need it. I already live at home, so theres no moving back, lol.

I did sign a contract, but I can't remember if it said how many hours per week or not. I'm assuming they know I'm looking for another job, because they a) know I have a horse b) know I have to pay for this horse and c) know that they aren't giving me hours. Not to mention I've submitted my resume so many places, I'm sure someone has called them.

They've been doing this for awhile, so my savings are pretty much gone. I'm going to talk to a friend at work, she was interested in maybe leasing a horse for herself, and if she leases Ice then she gets 25 percent off of lessons from either our Western or English trainer, which she was also interested in doing. Since I know her, I know she wont beat him or anything if I'm not there xD

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