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Britt 11-07-2009 07:46 PM

Do you groom after a ride?
Well, do you? Personally, I don't groom my horses after we finish riding... I wait until they're relatively dry (if they're sweaty), feed them, then put them up and get them out the next day and groom them.

masatisan 11-07-2009 07:50 PM

Yep, I always do. If he's wet I put baby powder on my brushes. It works wonders to help him dry off.

sunshineo0o 11-07-2009 07:52 PM

yea i brush after i ride because i like to brush where the saddle was and get the circulation in their back moving, plus i like to check their hooves.

TwisterRush 11-07-2009 08:02 PM

yup i always groom after i ride... other than today lol !
but i like my horses looking clean and nice, especially if they are sweaty, yuck. .

Its also good so i can check their hooves, so they dont have any stones in them, i always check their hooves regardless, if i do a whole body groom or not.

CloudsMystique 11-07-2009 08:03 PM

Nope... I hose until all the sweat and dirt is gone and they end up pretty clean when they dry.

bubblegum 11-07-2009 08:05 PM

always groom before and after a ride. helps them to chill out and me to think about what i need to do next

MIEventer 11-07-2009 08:09 PM


My routine:

Spring, Fall, Winter -

We do our Carrot Stretches. I groom his whole body, tack up, put his high neck cooler on and head out to the Indoor Arena.

After our ride, I untack him in the arena, put his cooler on him and walk him off for about a 1/2 hour.

We go into the barn with my saddle in my arm. He is put into cross ties and I proceed to groom him down with a rubber gelly curry comb in one hand and a body brush in the other.

I liniment his legs, his back and shoulders/hips and put his cooler back on him.

We do another set of carrot stretches.

I put him in his stall, throw 4 flakes of hay and let him chillax while I clean up my tack, put everything away.

He then gets blanketed and turned out for the evening with all of his companions.


Summer time -

Same routine.

After our ride, I will untack him and take him to the wash rack or outdoors with a bucket of water that has my Vetroline Liniment in it. It is now a bucket of soapy water.

I sponge him down while massaging his back, neck, shoulders and rump area. I get his legs good with the liniment as well.

I then put his wicking sheet on, that helps soak up the rest of the water remaining on his body after squeeging the majority off. And let him eat grass until he is dry.

Then we head into the barn, and I finish off his grooming with a gelly rubber curry in one hand and a body brush in the other. We do another set of Carrot Stretches and then he is put in his stall to eat hay, while I clean up our tack and etc, etc.

Then he gets turned back out with his buddies.

qtrhrsecrazy 11-07-2009 08:20 PM

I always groom before and after I ride. In the summer I'll wash them off afterwards

RadHenry09 11-07-2009 08:21 PM

MIEventer: Great routine , what a great horse mommy : )

I always groom/pick out hooves before I ride, and brush and check hooves after I ride. If I am not going to be riding that day, I always check my boys over to look for anything out of the norm and check/pick out their hooves.

o0hawaiigirl0o 11-07-2009 08:22 PM

No, I don't. We have very mild weather year-round, so I usually rinse off whatever horse I ride then turn them out. When the weather is cold and rainy, I'll either sponge them off or just turn them out. I don't think I need to brush them off if the rain is already going to wash away the dirt and sweat. I do pick out hooves if I've ridden on footing other than just grass.

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